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Meet Mary Zimak!

Today is World Autism Awareness Day and I thought you might enjoy some insights from my daughter, Mary. I asked her to write about what it’s like to live with autism. I didn’t edit her words at all. I’m sure … Continue reading

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A Catholic Conference For Moms!

  Catholic Moms, Are you looking for something special to do this Lent? Imagine thousands of moms gathering together online or in their parishes to pray, to learn, to support one another, and to be challenged to live the message … Continue reading

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With God, All Things Are Possible! Here’s Proof…

  “Don’t Look Back!” How many times have you heard that advice? While it makes sense in some cases, looking back can also be beneficial at times. When I look back through the years, I’m amazed at the many miracles … Continue reading

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How To Stop Worrying About Your Children

  If you’re a parent, there’s a good chance that you spend a great deal of time worrying about your children. After all, isn’t that what parents are supposed to do? Although you might feel like it’s impossible to stop … Continue reading

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Congratulations, Mary And Elizabeth!

  A few years ago, my wife Eileen and I got the “crazy” idea that we should homeschool our daughters. They were in the sixth grade at the time, but we felt that the Lord was telling us we should … Continue reading

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Happy 15th Birthday, Mary & Elizabeth!

  On this day, 15 years ago, I got to witness a miracle. After being told for several months that our daughters would probably not be born alive, Eileen and I welcomed Mary and Elizabeth Zimak into the world. Although … Continue reading

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Want To Help Your Kids Learn About The Sacraments?

  One of our main duties as Catholics parents is to teach our children about our wonderful Faith. I’ve always found it a challenge, however, to find good resources that truly represent the teachings of the Church in a way … Continue reading

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The Family That Prays Together…

  …Stays Together!!! Believe it or not, these pictures aren’t staged. Every night when Eileen, Mary, Elizabeth and I kneel down to say our evening prayers, Gracie comes running as soon as she hears the beginning of the Our Father! … Continue reading

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A Story Of Courage And An Urgent Prayer Request

  It never ceases to amaze me how the Lord works in my life. I often think that I’m doing something for one reason, only to realize that the Lord was attempting to accomplish something completely different by my actions. … Continue reading

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Parents…Are You Doing Your Job?

Today we celebrate the feast of the Holy Family.? God values family life so highly that He willed that the Savior would be born into an ordinary family.? In fact, Jesus spent the vast majority of His life living an … Continue reading

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