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The Gary Zimak Show Is Now On TuneIn Radio!


Catholic speaker and author Gary Zimak will be leading a Pray, Hope and Don't Worry at the Malvern Retreat House in 2016

Catholic speaker Gary Zimak in the studio of Holy Spirit Radio

I am excited to announce that my nightly 30 minute podcast (The Gary Zimak Show) is now available on TuneIn Radio! Not only can you listen online by using the following player, but you can download the TuneIn Radio app to listen on the go. Now in our sixth year, the number of listeners is growing every day. I hope you will consider joining me every Monday thru Friday as we talk about Jesus and His Church!

Some Info About Our Lenten Retreat


I promised that I would provide those of you who are taking part in the Lenten Retreat with some info so here you are…

Dan Burke’s excellent book, Navigating The Interior Life

Here’s a link to the Examination of Conscience used on Friday’s show:

The opening theme song for Following The Truth is “Jesus Christ Is Lord” by Renee Bondi. Her website is:

The Facebook group Lenten Retreat created by our friend Monica can be found at:

My Daily Bread (the book that I’m using for the retreat) can be purchased from the following sites. While I have no affiliation with any of these sites, I have personally ordered from each of them and experienced no problems. It’s not necessary that you purchase the book, but you will definitely benefit from it (either now or after the retreat is over).

Hope this helps!

This Week On The Following The Truth Radio Show


80,000 Listeners…Thank you!!!

Since going on the air in December of 2010, Following The Truth with Gary Zimak has been listened to 80,000 times by listeners all over the world. This is a truly remarkable accomplishment that would not be possible without the Lord’s help and your support. Join me each Monday-Friday at 8 PM Eastern on BlogTalkRadio (or listen to the podcasts in the BlogTalkRadio archives or iTunes) as I give you the TRUE teachings of the Catholic Church in “plain” language. As my regular listeners know, I’m not afraid to tackle any subject. You will get THE TRUTH!!!

Here’s a look at what’s on tap for this week:

What is the priesthood?
Why Can’t Women by priests?
Will priests ever be able to get married?
How should we respond to God’s infinite love?
What does it mean to be friends with Jesus?
What exactly is Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary?
Is anger always a sin?
How can I control my anger?
A look at the daily Mass readings.
Looking ahead to next Sunday’s Mass readings.

If you’ve never listened to the program, make it a point to tune in and see why Following The Truth with Gary Zimak has become a daily part of the spiritual life of many Catholics!

Total Consecration To Jesus Through Mary Begins On September 4th!


“I have said that this devotion may rightly be called a perfect renewal of the vows or promises of holy Baptism.” (St. Louis de Montfort)

Are you ready to renounce Satan and his works, renew and ratify your baptismal promises and make a total donation of your life to Jesus? If so, Total Consecration To Jesus Through Mary is just what you need!

What exactly is this devotion all about? Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary was popularized by Saint Louis de Montfort (1673 – 1716), a French priest who stated that “this devotion, faithfully practiced, is an excellent means of making sure that the value of all our good works shall be employed for the greater glory of God.”

Last year I led over 100 people through this process and here are some of their comments:

I cannot thank you enough for doing this. Listening to your explanations is a big help for me. I also appreciate being able to say the prayers along with you because I get so easily distracted. Not to say that it still does not happen, but it would be a lot worse if I was doing it on my own. I have lots of areas that need improvement, but I feel confident with the Blessed Mother at my side I can do it in baby steps.

Thank you for all your help. Just wanted you to know that my husband and I are still with you and plan on making this Consecration next week. It has changed MY life in so many ways.

Thank you so much for doing this…it is very helpful to do it in a group …this is a huge mental commitment and a leap of faith but I find your encouragement extremely inspiring!

You are doing so much good with this consecration. I would not even be doing this myself if I had not heard you on Ave Maria Radio (while I was working on the house!). You are blessing so many through your encouragement with this devotion and your thoughtful support of those who are encountering difficulties.

On September 4, 2012 we will once again begin the 33 day period of preparation which will result in consecrating (or re-consecrating) ourselves to Jesus through Mary on October 7. As I did last year, I am inviting as many of you as possible to make this consecration along with me.

In order to make it easier, I will be devoting all of my Following The Truth radio programs during this period to the necessary preparation prayers. While you can certainly say them on your own, many people found it easier to listen to the program and pray along with me. The show airs on BlogTalkRadio each night at 8 PM Eastern or, if it’s more convenient for you, the podcast can be downloaded from the BTR archives or iTunes free of charge.

The Total Consecration is divided into themes:

(Days 1-12) The Spirit of the World – We concentrate on casting off the spirit of the world, which is contrary to the spirit of Jesus Christ.

(Days 13-19) Knowledge of Self – The focus is on seeing ourselves as God sees us and looking at the effects of our sins.

(Days 20-26) Knowledge of Mary – In order to imitate Mary’s desire to always follow God’s will, we must get to know her.

(Days 27-33) Knowledge of Jesus – In preparation for making our Total Consecration, we’ll study the life of Jesus.

Day 34: Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary.

If you?re interested in joining me, simply fill out the form below so that I?ll have an idea of how many of you will be participating. I’ll also add you to my mailing list so I can provide you with additional information (including where to get FREE consecration materials) and give you some further background on the devotion. Please share this invitation with as many people as you can. There is no cost and no vows are involved. You?re simply expressing the desire to become a better person and taking advantage of Mary?s help. It?s a great deal!

I promise you that this devotion will change your life. Watch your inbox for further details and get ready?

We begin on September 4th!

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Let The Spiritual Exercises Begin!



Tonight at 8 PM Eastern on my Following The Truth radio program, we’ll be starting the Spiritual Exercises Ignatian retreat. This retreat will last throughout Lent and conclude on the first Friday after Easter (April 13). As we go through the exercises, please email me with any questions that you may have.

Here is some general information which may prove helpful:

Here’s a link to the Following The Truth page on BlogTalkRadio.? You can listen live at 8 PM Eastern M-F or you can listen to the podcast in the BlogTalkRadio archives or download from iTunes at any time after the show airs.? All of these can be accessed from the following main page:



You can also listen to archived shows using the BlogTalkRadio player on my website:



If you want to purchase the Spiritual Exercises, here is the translation that I recommend (by Louis J. Puhl, S.J.):



Here is the Kindle edition of the book:

Here is a free online version of the book (I can’t vouch for the translation. You may want to try it out and see if it’s useful):



Here are some notes on the Spiritual Exercises from Fr. John Hardon, one of the patrons of our retreat.? I read these on the air on Friday’s show:



This Week On Following The Truth Radio…


The Following The Truth radio show with Gary Zimak airs Monday-Friday at 8 PM Eastern on BlogTalkRadio (podcasts are available free of charge in the BlogTalkRadio archives and iTunes).

Here’s the lineup for this week’s programs (1/16/12 – 1/20/12):

Monday: Understanding The Holy Spirit (Part 2) – Mondays on Following The Truth are dedicated to discussing “What Catholics Really Believe”, as presented in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.??Join Catholic lay evangelist Gary Zimak as he continues his discussion of the role of the Holy Spirit, as presented in the Catechism.? Often a source of confusion, the role of the Holy Spirit can be extremely important to us as Christians.? Tune in and let’s explore the Holy Spirit in detail!

Tuesday: Living Joyfully – The Bible tells us to “Rejoice always” (1 Thessalonians 5:16) and “Do not worry about your life” (Matthew 6:25), but it’s often easier said than done. Join Catholic lay evangelist Gary Zimak as he explores ways to be joyful, even in the midst of turmoil.? How can this be done?? By focusing on the Lord!? Gary will use Sacred Scripture, the writings of the Saints and the teaching of the Church to highlight ways to live joyfully each day. Many of you are being asked to trust the Lord even when it doesn’t make sense. Tune in as we look at some ways to be joyful and trust in God’s plan for our lives!

Wednesday: Interior Conversion – Wednesdays on Following The Truth are dedicated to “Imitating Christ”.? Join Catholic lay evangelist Gary Zimak as he takes a look at one the all time great spiritual books, The Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis.? This week, Gary will look at the importance of interior conversion. As Christians, we are all called to imitate Christ.? While it sounds difficult, it’s by no means impossible.? Tune in for some practical advice and suggestions and see for yourself!

Thursday: Listening To Mary’s Voice (Confusion) – Thursday is Mother’s Day on Following The Truth and this week we’ll begin a 7 part series focusing on Mary’s words in Sacred Scripture.? Join Catholic lay evangelist Gary Zimak as he examines Mary’s words to the angel Gabriel, “How can this be, since I have no relations with a man?? (Luke 1:34).? Just like many of us, Mary was confused about the details of her mission.? We can learn much from the spoken words of Mary.? Tune in for the next 7 Thursdays and let the Blessed Mother speak to you!

Friday: Responding To The Lord’s Call – Friday on Following The Truth is devoted to “Catholicism by the Book”.? Join Catholic lay evangelist Gary Zimak as he opens up the Bible and discusses the Mass readings for the 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time. Today’s readings are about responding to the Lord’s call. Don’t miss the chance to get better prepared to hear God’s voice in Sacred Scripture and respond to His commands!

Tune in and TELL A FRIEND!


The Healing Of The Paralytic Man

On today’s episode of Following The Truth, we discussed the Healing of the Paralytic Man.? This miracle, as told by Matthew, Mark and Luke (Mt 9: 1-8, Mk 2: 1-12, Lk 5:17-26) reminds us of the importance of spiritual healing in our lives.

The Lord can certainly heal any physical ailments that afflict us, but, more importantly, He can heal the spiritual illness of mortal sin through the Sacrament of Confession.? If it’s been a long time since you’ve received His healing through this Sacrament, considering doing it soon…Jesus is waiting for you!

?Listen to the podcast:

Listen to internet radio with Gary Zimak on Blog Talk Radio