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The Following The Truth radio show with Gary Zimak airs Monday-Friday at 8 PM Eastern on BlogTalkRadio (podcasts are available free of charge in the BlogTalkRadio archives and iTunes).

Here’s the lineup for this week’s programs (1/16/12 – 1/20/12):

Monday: Understanding The Holy Spirit (Part 2) – Mondays on Following The Truth are dedicated to discussing “What Catholics Really Believe”, as presented in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.??Join Catholic lay evangelist Gary Zimak as he continues his discussion of the role of the Holy Spirit, as presented in the Catechism.? Often a source of confusion, the role of the Holy Spirit can be extremely important to us as Christians.? Tune in and let’s explore the Holy Spirit in detail!

Tuesday: Living Joyfully – The Bible tells us to “Rejoice always” (1 Thessalonians 5:16) and “Do not worry about your life” (Matthew 6:25), but it’s often easier said than done. Join Catholic lay evangelist Gary Zimak as he explores ways to be joyful, even in the midst of turmoil.? How can this be done?? By focusing on the Lord!? Gary will use Sacred Scripture, the writings of the Saints and the teaching of the Church to highlight ways to live joyfully each day. Many of you are being asked to trust the Lord even when it doesn’t make sense. Tune in as we look at some ways to be joyful and trust in God’s plan for our lives!

Wednesday: Interior Conversion – Wednesdays on Following The Truth are dedicated to “Imitating Christ”.? Join Catholic lay evangelist Gary Zimak as he takes a look at one the all time great spiritual books, The Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis.? This week, Gary will look at the importance of interior conversion. As Christians, we are all called to imitate Christ.? While it sounds difficult, it’s by no means impossible.? Tune in for some practical advice and suggestions and see for yourself!

Thursday: Listening To Mary’s Voice (Confusion) – Thursday is Mother’s Day on Following The Truth and this week we’ll begin a 7 part series focusing on Mary’s words in Sacred Scripture.? Join Catholic lay evangelist Gary Zimak as he examines Mary’s words to the angel Gabriel, “How can this be, since I have no relations with a man?? (Luke 1:34).? Just like many of us, Mary was confused about the details of her mission.? We can learn much from the spoken words of Mary.? Tune in for the next 7 Thursdays and let the Blessed Mother speak to you!

Friday: Responding To The Lord’s Call – Friday on Following The Truth is devoted to “Catholicism by the Book”.? Join Catholic lay evangelist Gary Zimak as he opens up the Bible and discusses the Mass readings for the 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time. Today’s readings are about responding to the Lord’s call. Don’t miss the chance to get better prepared to hear God’s voice in Sacred Scripture and respond to His commands!

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