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What Concerns Me The Most About The Corapi Scandal…

Whenever someone says, ?I belong to Paul,? and another, ?I belong to Apollos,? are you not merely human?? What is Apollos, after all, and what is Paul?? Ministers through whom you became believers, just as the Lord assigned each one.? … Continue reading

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The Cost Of Discipleship (And Knowing When To Shut Your Mouth!)

Everyone who acknowledges me before others I will acknowledge before my heavenly Father.? But whoever denies me before others, I will deny before my heavenly Father.??”Do not think that I have come to bring peace upon the earth. I have … Continue reading

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Father Corapi – Just The Facts…UPDATED

UPDATE (5:48 PM) 😕 After listening to Father Corapi’s latest message this afternoon, I want to emphasize a few things: 1. Father Corapi and all affected parties DESPERATELY need prayers.? PLEASE PRAY! 2. Father Corapi is very angry and is … Continue reading

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John Corapi – Where Do We Go From Here?

The past 24 hours have been very enlightening for me.? I’ve reached a new record for traffic on my website, which normally would make me happy…but I wish the circumstances were different.? My blog about Fr. Corapi’s decision to leave … Continue reading

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What Fr. Corapi Doesn’t Get

His supreme business was to be a Savior; but for the moment that included obedience to His earthly guardians. (A reflection on Luke 2:51 by Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, from his book Life Of Christ) By now, many of you … Continue reading

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