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What Fr. Corapi Doesn’t Get

His supreme business was to be a Savior; but for the moment that included obedience to His earthly guardians. (A reflection on Luke 2:51 by Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, from his book Life Of Christ)

By now, many of you are familiar with Fr. John Corapi’s decision to voluntarily leave the priesthood due to his dissatisfaction with the Church’s handling of the allegations of misconduct leveled against him.? In case you missed it, here is the drama filled video from the man now known as “The Black Sheep Dog”, John Corapi:

As I’ve stated before, I was always a fan of Fr. Corapi’s and I loved to hear him preach.? His series on the Catechism of the Catholic Church was tremendous and?helped me to learn and love my Catholic Faith.? The thing that I appreciated the most from his talks was his love for the Church and her shepherds.? Instead of criticizing them, Father Corapi reminded us to pray for our bishops because “they have the hardest job in the world”.? That’s not what I heard from the “Black Sheep Dog” last night:

“I did not start this process, the Bishop of Corpus Christi, Texas ordered my superiors, against their will and better judgment, to do it. He in fact threatened to release a reprehensible and libelous letter to all of the bishops if they did not suspend me.”(Fr. John Corapi, June 17, 2011 from his website)

I previously blogged about the fact that the Church’s message is always more important than the messenger.? That goes for Fr. Corapi, Mother Angelica, Archbishop Sheen or your local parish priest.? The minute we put all of our eggs in one basket and become a follower of any one individual instead of a follower of Christ, we are asking for trouble.? Over the course of the next several weeks, many people will side with Corapi and attack the Church for their handling of this matter.? We should remember that the decision to leave the priesthood is Corapi’s alone and not that of any Church authority.

I have no idea who is telling the truth in this case and there’s a good chance that I never will.? I have prayed for Fr. Corapi and his accuser every day since the story broke and will continue to do so.? What I do know is that the “Black Sheep Dog” is making a big mistake.? He is abandoning his vocation to the sacred priesthood because he feels that his message needs to be heard.? In other words, the mission of the Church can’t go on with out him.? Guess what?? It can and it will.?

If Father Corapi is innocent (and he may be), then he is being asked to carry a heavy cross right now.? Carrying that cross could have done tremendous good.? His followers would see an example of humility and of obedience to the Church he claimed to love.? Fr. Corapi’s suffering could have released many souls from purgatory and could have been used as penance for the many offenses against the Sacred Heart of Jesus.? Instead, the “Black Sheep Dog” has chosen to reject that cross because “he is not ready to be extinguished”.? The practice of humility, obedience and acceptance of suffering was willingly embraced by Jesus and must be embraced by all of His followers.? Unfortunately, Father Corapi doesn’t seem to?get that message.? Fortunately,?there are?plenty of good holy priests, religious, and lay Catholics who do “get it” and will continue to spread the “Good News” of Jesus Christ.? They do it by preaching the gospel and remaining faithful to the Church, even when it hurts.

Farewell, Mr. Black Sheep Dog.? I’ll continue to pray for you.? I have learned much about my Catholic Faith from you and I am grateful.? However, until you come to your senses, I’ll never purchase, recommend, watch or read any of your materials.? As far as I’m concerned, in my life…

you are extinguished.


  1. katherine cairns says:

    I feel your comments are very unfair. Fr. Corapi obviously feels very betrayed and hurt not only from someone he considered a friend but from those in the Catholic Church whom he has consistently defended and loves.

    Only Fr. Corapi, with much prayer, knows what’s best for him and the Church moving forward. Its very unfair for anyone to tell someone else what they should and shouldn’t do, as we are not in his shoes. Everyone handles hurt and betrayal differently and its unfair to compare. I trust that Fr. Corapi has prayed about his decision and if it is not God’s Will he will be the first to know.

    I trust and support his decision and I look forward to reading his books and whatever else he chooses to do moving forward.
    The messenger may not perfect but his messages are and no one can deny they are not inspired by God.

    1. Gary Zimak says:

      Katherine – Thanks for your comment. By his actions, Fr. Corapi is causing division in the Church and I have the obligation to speak out.

      Only Fr. Corapi, with much prayer, knows what?s best for him and the Church moving forward. Its very unfair for anyone to tell someone else what they should and shouldn?t do, as we are not in his shoes. Everyone handles hurt and betrayal differently and its unfair to compare. I trust that Fr. Corapi has prayed about his decision and if it is not God?s Will he will be the first to know.

      Unfortunately, you can’t discount the fact that Fr. Corapi could make the wrong decision and not do “what’s best for him and the Church”. As a Catholic lay evangelist, my job is to help people learn more about their Faith and get closer to Christ. Under the current circumstances, becoming a follower of the “Black Sheep Dog” wouldn’t accomplish either of those things. As I always tell people, “Stick with the Church and you won’t go wrong.” There are plenty of good priests, religious and lay Catholics who are preaching the same “Good News” that Fr. Corapi was known for.

      God Bless,

      1. sally says:

        gee Gary, I used to like your writings…but done with you!….
        division in the church you say?….like Sy. Francis of Assis time…when everyone went into the forest and left the church because they wanted to hear St. Francis speak who was not even a recognized monk at the time….funny, huh?!

        1. Gary Zimak says:

          Sally – I’m happy to hear that you liked my writings. I’d be curious to hear what you’re objecting to in this post.

          God Bless,

      2. katherine cairns says:

        Fr. Corapi needs to listen to the Holy Spirit and go in the direction the Holy Spirit leads him to go. Mans ways are not always God’s ways. It’s not about whether or not we agree or disagree with Fr. Corapi’s decision. It’s about doing what the Holy Spirit is leading Fr. Corapi to do [whether] we accept or understand it or not.

        The Apostles disagreed with one another and went their separate ways but it did not lessen there faithfulness in doing God’s Will nor their still being considered an Apostle NO more than Fr. Corapi’s decision to no longer be a Priest, in name only, as he will always be a Priest in God’s eyes..

        The Catholic Church is already divided with or without Fr. Corapi.

    2. sally says:

      right on Katherine….go read what a priest writes on Fr. Z’s blog

  2. enoughalready says:

    Gary, nicely said, but your comment ?until you come to your senses, I?ll never purchase, recommend, watch or read any of your materials. As far as I?m concerned, in my life…you are extinguished.? is very judgmental, and quite frankly, this action on your behalf makes you no better than the action you are condemning. I?m curious and wonder if it was YOU in this situation, knowing how these bishops RUIN the lives of good and decent priests with how they handle allegations; would you truly ?carry your cross? to the end knowing it?s a NO WIN situation, and no matter what, your life and reputation are forever RUINED? Geez Gary, talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face. Hopefully, you too, will come to your senses.

    1. katherine cairns says:

      I agree, None of us can say for sure how we will react to persecution nor can anyone tell another how they should act during persecution.

      Too bad that love, support, and judgment of another is so conditional among human beings. We should all be striving to be more like Jesus.

    2. Gary Zimak says:

      Thanks for the comment!

      your comment ?until you come to your senses, I?ll never purchase, recommend, watch or read any of your materials. As far as I?m concerned, in my life?you are extinguished.? is very judgmental, and quite frankly, this action on your behalf makes you no better than the action you are condemning.

      As a lay Catholic who founded an apostolate with the purpose of presenting the true teachings of the Catholic Faith, I am often asked to recommend material that will help in learning about the Faith. Fr. Corapi’s recent actions call into question everything he ever taught about the Faith and I would never recommend them to anyone. That is my duty to my fellow Catholics. Am I alone in this belief? Obviously not, as EWTN and other Catholic stations will no longer air his material. I’m not sure how you could call my statement judgmental, since I am not judging his motives. Rather, I am commenting on his public statements and actions. He just walked away from the priesthood because he didn’t agree with how the Church was handling his situation. If I don’t criticize that, I’m not doing my job!

      knowing how these bishops RUIN the lives of good and decent priests with how they handle allegations

      Unless you have personal details of Fr. Corapi’s situation, there is no way you can state that this is happening in this situation. As sad as it may be, Father Corapi could be guilty and the bishop may be doing his job. We just don’t know.

      would you truly ?carry your cross? to the end knowing it?s a NO WIN situation, and no matter what, your life and reputation are forever RUINED?

      I would have to or else I would be a hypocrite. Do you know for a fact that the Church’s process would not have vindicated Fr. Corapi? Obviously, the answer is “no” because only God knows what would have happened. Corapi is choosing to take the law into his own hands and circumvent the Church’s process. In my opinion, hat kills every last ounce of credibility that he ever had.

      Hopefully, you too, will come to your senses.

      If “coming to my senses” means criticizing the Church’s judicial process, defaming one of the Church’s shepherds, commenting on a case where most of the details are unknown to me and embracing someone who is walking away from his sacred duties as a priest, that’s not going to happen. What I will continue to do is pray for Mr. Corapi, his accuser and all of our priests and bishops. Satan is attacking them on a daily basis and they really need the prayers.

      God Bless,

      1. M. Hahn says:

        Seems that the Bishop is picking and choosing how to apply Canon law or ignoring it all together in Corapi’s situation, is that proper?

  3. J.R. Pirro says:

    Gary Zimak, you are a fool.

    1. Gary Zimak says:

      J.R. – Care to elaborate?

  4. SueB says:

    Apparently I am missing something that you and Mark Shea are seeing. I listened to the whole Corapi message and I got the impression that (1) the accuser is unknown to Corapi and his lawyers (2) the accusation specific is unknown as well (3) that at least one bishop is utilizing Church law but not necessarily all others involved in stifling Corapi. Is this all true or just circumspect?

    My thought really is that to be ardently obedient to one’s authorities, one assumes that they are obedient to the Church and their authorities. What does the part where Corapi says “I did not start this process, the Bishop of Corpus Christi, Texas ordered my superiors, against their will and better judgment, to do it” mean? That kind of sounds like someone is doing their own will instead of the will of the Church, does it not? Maybe I don’t get it.

    Or how about right after that he says “He in fact threatened to release a reprehensible and libelous letter to all of the bishops if they did not suspend me.? I hear “libelous” and think someone is doing something wrong here. Right? Explain what this accusation of Corapi’s means cause this is where I side with Corapi, if it is true.

    I live where a former Archbishop had to deal with a parish that owned it’s own church and when he tried to get that organized to get the parish land, church and such back into the Archdiocese’s hands everyone in the area thought the Archbishop was wrong and they sided with the parish…even though what they were doing was against Church Law…but had been for over 100 years. The area people thought and still do that was a money grab to pay for sex abuse settlements. I never sided with the people on that.

    To me there is a law in the books on how to deal with the priests that abuse people once they are found guilty. However, Corapi has been found guilty by virtue of the accusation that he does not appear to know what it contains. That is stupid and if he has been getting no answer from the bishop in Corpus Christi, should he just stay in limbo forever, not able to preach and teach as he signed up for? Seems to me if he stays and waits it out we don’t learn nothing but how silly the American Bishops are about this mess some of them continued (the moving of abuser priests to different parishes,,,spreading the hurt everywhere).


    1. Gary Zimak says:

      Sue – Thanks for the comment. One thing to remember is that it’s Father Corapi making the accusations against the bishop and the others. None of us know the details, but we know that there’s a process in place and Corapi is choosing to avoid it.


  5. Joanne S. says:

    “The decision to leave the priesthood is Corapi?s alone and not that of any Church authority.” –Gary’s assertion

    Excuse me, but it was church authority that told Fr. Corapi he could no longer function in public as a priest. What is wrong with him, therefore, “functioning” in public without claiming to be a priest? Isn’t that what he was told?

    I did not read in his statement that he was leaving the priesthood, but simply carrying on in public ministry while not wearing the roman collar or representing himself as a priest. Has he been told he would be ex-communicated if he did this, or told he is being disobedient? If so, that has not been made clear.

    I will continue to pray for Father Corapi for healing in mind, body and spirit, as well as for his superiors and bishop. In time, the proper authorities will speak out on this. If, at that time, the church determines Fr. Corapi has separated himself from the church and his works suspect, I will go along with the judgment you have taken it upon yourself to pronounce on your own authority.

    1. Gary Zimak says:

      Joanne –

      Excuse me, but it was church authority that told Fr. Corapi he could no longer function in public as a priest. What is wrong with him, therefore, ?functioning? in public without claiming to be a priest? Isn?t that what he was told?

      There’s a reason that the Church told Fr. Corapi that he could no longer function in public as a priest. He is being accused of improper conduct and the Church is taking no chances. That’s a good thing! Unhappy with that ruling, Fr. Corapi has decided that he will leave the priesthood (a big difference), defy the Church (that’s the problem!) and go out and publicly preach. To the best of my knowledge this will result in his being laicized (Canon lawyers, please correct me if I’m wrong) which will mean that he can no longer function as a priest. That is HIS choice. The Church’s choice was to proceed with the investigation. Father Corapi didn’t like that option.

      God Bless,

  6. Clint says:

    Fr. Corapi is innocent until proven guilty.

    1. Gary Zimak says:

      Clint – I totally agree. However, so is the bishop of Corpus Christi and the others that Fr. Corapi has decided to publicly smear. The sad thing is that Corapi made the decision to circumvent the judicial process which may have cleared him of any wrongdoing.

      God Bless,

      1. M. Hahn says:

        Isn’t the Bishop of Corpus Christi the one smearing Fr. Corapi by denying him and us due process? Fr. Corapi is just revealing the facts as he knows them about why the Bishop was choosing to leave him in priestly limbo.

        1. Gary Zimak says:

          With all due respect, we don’t know what the Bishop is doing. All we know is Father Corapi’s opinion.

  7. Father Angel Sotelo says:

    Gary: Thank you for the blunt and sincere words. It is called tough love. If a priest can stand up in a pulpit for 20 years and tell people how to live their lives, and how to remain faithful in the commitment of marriage, then he should have the backbone to take it when someone calls him out on quitting his marriage to the Church as a priest.

    And “only Father Corapi knows what is best for him” sounds alright if you’re Protestant and you don’t believe in the divine authority of bishops, but for a Catholic priest you need to submit like St. Padre Pio did, even if the order is harsh or unfair. In the end, you will give the Church the example of patient long-suffering. And so even though everyone may handle betrayal differently, the question from Christ in John 6 is the same, “will you also walk away and leave me.” The words of St. Peter apply even to bitter and angry priests “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of everlasting life.” Or do the words of Christ only give life when everything is coming up roses???

    1. Gary Zimak says:

      Father – Thank you for your supportive comments. As someone who enjoyed listening to Fr. Corapi for many years, I’m saddened by this news. If he quietly accepted the decision of his superiors and united his suffering with Our Lord’s then my post would have never been written. Once he used his fame to “go rogue” and publicly smear one of our modern day Apostles and the Church’s judicial process, I had to say something.

      God Bless,

    2. M. Hahn says:

      Please Father refresh my memory and give me an example where Jesus exerted harsh, unjust treatment on his disciples to make point they must have blind obedience to him.

      1. katherine cairns says:

        M. Hahn, Very good point!

    3. katherine cairns says:

      Fr. Sotelo, Well please answer this question– If we are suppose to be obedient to the Bishops. Why has the Bishops of Medjugorje and elsewhere been ignored [despite] their constant condemnation of the alleged Apparitions that are said to be taking place in their Diocese?..

      If obedience to the Bishop is still [important] lets be consistent and not pick and choose. Bishops, Priests, and the Catholic laity are continually taking pilgrimages and promoting these places that have been condemned by the Bishop, as Im constantly hearing, only Rome can decide.

      Its unfair to try and all of a sudden use Fr. Corapi as an example of NOT submitting to the Bishop, when there is a long list of others, who have NOT submitted, and still don’t submit today, even to Rome, and nothing is said or done about it. This sounds very hypocritical to me and very unfair.

  8. Angela says:

    Well said – I agree completely, all the way through Fr. Corapi’s statement I was thinking – what about obedience, carrying your cross, being like Padre Pio, etc. Glad to read the voice of reason, a true Catholic response here.

  9. Roy Montfort says:


    What I can’t understand is why the Bishop, or anyone in the Church is questioning Father Corapi or his Cannon Lawyers or civil lawyers. I also question why he is not tested for drugs?

    Thank for a response, as I will continue to pray for all involved.


    1. Gary Zimak says:

      Hi Roy –

      There are many unanswered questions in this case and I’m trying my best to avoid speculation. Unless we have direct involvement with the case, we really only know what Fr. Corapi has chosen to reveal. As of last night, we now know that Father Corapi has given up on the process that could clear his name and restore him to active priestly ministry. You are wise to continue to pray for all involved!

      God Bless,

  10. M. Hahn says:

    The “Church” is also not just a bishop or even many bishops, but all of us. When a conflict exists between Fr. Corapi’s SOLT order and the Bishop of Corpus Christi on the handling of Fr. Corapi’s situation, then it appears that the Bishop is being less charitable and has a score that he wants to settle.

    1. Gary Zimak says:

      Unless you have inside information, we have no idea of the internal details of the case and should avoid speculation.


    2. katherine cairns says:

      M. Hahn, I agree. Mother Angelica also went through much the same from some Bishops and wrote a book about it.

  11. Eileen says:

    Dear Gary, I’m gong to try to stay respectful to you and everyone else in my comments here. First of all, do you or does anyone on this site know of a single accused priest who has been “vindicated” after accusation? Even one? I certainly have never heard of it happening. Something is wrong with that right there. I’m not critisizing the bishops or anyone else. But have you heard of a vindicated priest? We don’t really know what Fr.? John Corapi is going to do. Forgive me for saying it, but I think a lot of you with your little blogs have been very jealous of Corapi. At least a little of that sin is in all of us for various things. You’re not alone.
    The laiety has been asked to take on many things since Vatican II. Why should we not have a greater role in joining in these “investigations” also? I agree with whoever wrote that unless the laity gets involved, little will be done to change this sad situation. It will not only help the accused priests, abused victims, etc. but will bring together all sides in making investigations more thorough and fair. I’d even go so far as to invite non-Catholics to join in the investigations. In a sense, it’s already happened, since secular law regularly becomes involved in these accusations. Why not committees of the laity?
    I’m going to suggest it to all my Catholic friends and contact my local Bishop to suggest it also.
    We ALL need to stop judging Fr. John, pray and wait to hear more about what he intends to do.
    I’m shocked at how quickly those who worked closely with him seem to be the ones throwing the first stones. Very sad.

    1. Gary Zimak says:


      I?m gong to try to stay respectful to you and everyone else in my comments here.

      Very much appreciated!

      First of all, do you or does anyone on this site know of a single accused priest who has been ?vindicated? after accusation? Even one? I certainly have never heard of it happening.

      Yes, I’ve heard of it. However, it really doesn’t make a difference one way or another. There is a process in place and Fr. Corapi is attempting to circumvent it. I don’t think that really helps his case, do you?

      We ALL need to stop judging Fr. John, pray and wait to hear more about what he intends to do.

      That’s a very good idea!

      God Bless,

    2. katherine cairns says:

      Eileen, I agree with you. Fr. Corapi has already been treated as though he is guilty by the Bishops and others by their treatment toward him. The damage has already been done. Instead of rolling over and playing dead, as the Bishops would like, Fr. Corapi has chosen another way to spread God’s message.

      I commend him for his strength and perseverance, as this will continue to be a heavy cross for him to carry for the rest of his life. In God’s eyes, Fr. Corapi will always be a Priest.

  12. Diego says:


    I sadly have to agree with your sentiments. I am saddened by the news, and even more shaken by the decisions taken by all parties involved. I will remain obedient to the Church, as Our Lord and our Mother would want. Great “evil” can bring forth great good, as the seed must fall to the ground and die first before it can shoot up into a plant, and bring forth much fruit. Also, we attest a lot of wrongdoing to the devil, more than it actually is, when the reality is that our God is infinitely more powerful than Him. I’d say we lift up the devil, by acknowledging him in a power he has little of. NO ONE may judge the bishops, because we don’t know what’s going on, so we speak out of ignorance, if we do. Not only that, it is Christ and HIS Holy Spirit-driven Church, that saves…not priests, nor religious, nor lay evangelists, so neither you nor Fr. Corapi will save me, as I won’t save anyone either. We’re just tools. However, God decides to use us as His instruments of salvation. Attacking God’s appointed is pointless, which is why I write to you Mr. Zimak. As I believe, ignorantly and humbly, that Fr. Corapi may seem to be hasty, you are no different with your last remark. I know you may have wanted to make a strongly emphasized statement by saying “As far as I?m concerned, in my life?you are extinguished.” However, it was uncalled for. I understand You might be judging on his “movement” but you say “YOU” and by “you” you already bring the person of Fr. Corapi down, in an uncharitable manner, to the level of extinction. I humbly remind you that 1) Fr. Corapi was appointed by God and to publicly “extinguish” him is to extinguish God’s judgement of clergy, publicly. We are never to criticize the person of the priest, even if He is wrong, merely out of respect to the office they hold (held) and the Person whom they represent, and 2)even if Fr. Corapi was just a regular layperson, we are never called to extinguish publicly, but to admonish charitably, because by the grace of baptism, Christ’s heart beats inside each one of us, and your statement comes off as a public turning of your back to him, in his problems. I am not saying for you to light him a candle and set up an altar for him, but the crudeness of your final statement was completely uncalled for, and was not the icing on the cake, but rather the stick with which you beat a man who’s down. You say he criticizes the bishop while you publicly declare “extinction” on a priest…I say you’re both wrong. I do humbly suggest for a better discernment of your words. While your point is very valid, and you had made your objective point clear, some comments are better kept to one’s self, especially when they are YOUR opinion as you declared by saying “MY life”. This was such case. Your personal life toots no horns in mine, aside that Christ dwells inside you and that I should love you, and I do.
    As a suggestion to all that followed Fr. Corapi, as I did…PRAY FOR HIM! Do not attack the Bishops, as this makes you a disobedient son/daughter of the church, and finally do not wait for him to come back…Do you want Fr. Corapi back? Look to better YOUR life…BE a “Fr. Corapi” to others. YOU make the change! Do not wait on the clergy to do it for you. We criticize the clergy, very quickly, while we do NOTHING ourselves. WE are the church, not just the clergy. Lets LIFT up our clergy, rather than stomp them. Do you want to honor Fr. Corapi? SPEAK UP against abortion, and other evils in the world. Ultimately we should be HONORING GOD! Who do we honor, in the end? Fr. Corapi, God or our inactivity, laziness and complacency? Move forward Church of God!

    God bless you and Mother Mary keep you,

    1. Laura says:

      Thank you, Diego! May God bless you for your charitable and very respectful response. I too enjoyed Fr. Corapi’s teachings through the years and they greatly helped me. I think your response has been one of the clearest and most helpful out here on the internet. I believe this situation with Fr. Corapi has shed much light on the Catholic Church in America, whether with the clergy or lay faithful. You are correct when you say that we are responsible if we want to make a change for the better. We must not look to others. Jesus is our High Priest and He always leads us! The Holy Spirit will protect our Church and we too must do our part. I thank Mr. Zimak for his article as well. This is a tough pill to swallow when a beloved priest makes such a decision as Fr. Corapi, but I must choose to be obedient to Holy Mother Church and her Bishop sons and then pray and stand in the gap for those who need prayers.

      God bless you, Diego, and all the faithful Catholics out there praying and suffering during this time. May Jesus, Mary and Joseph bless each and every one.

      1. Gary Zimak says:


        I totally agree! Diego’s response was excellent and made me think about my inappropriate choice of words. The last thing I want to do is cause people to stop praying for Fr. Corapi.

        God Bless,

        1. Laura says:


          I definitely can understand the point you were trying to make in a passionate defense of your Catholic faith and the Church. This sorrowful situation has created a firestorm on the internet and I have been praying and trying to keep a clear head and calm emotions about it when I read various website comments. I have read nasty and uncharitable remarks on both sides of the fence in this situation on various sites. It certainly was not spoken in the manner Christ teaches us, but I believe that this has struck a collective nerve. In a way, I can see how passionate many Catholic Americans are about their faith and I am so thankful for that! I think the important thing that many bloggers were trying to do, which I think is/was what you are doing, is to present the truth of the Catholic Church and warn others from possibly being lead astray (I stress possibly! I am not insinuating anything about others’ faith lives.). That is how I read your article and the way I read Diego’s post was that he was trying as well to be clear and precise in his response in a charitable way.

          I am glad I happened upon your site because I heard two good explanations from two Catholics that helped me a great deal. I am sad about Father Corapi’s decision, but I must stay united with the Church and proceed with caution regarding his new ministry. I am NOT condemning the man, only saying that I should proceed with caution. I was away from the Church for 15 years and have been back for 11 and my faith is something I have worked so hard on learning and tending to for such a long time that I want to protect my faith no matter WHOM I listen to. This is being a good steward of the grace God has given me. I thank you for writing this article, Mr. Zimak. God bless you!

    2. Gary Zimak says:

      Diego – Thanks for the comments. You make some excellent points, especially about my closing comments. After reading them over several times and praying in front of the Blessed Sacrament, I agree that came off as uncharitable and were inappropriate. I was attempting to play off of Father Corapi’s “I will not be extinguished” comment. I do stand by my comments that I would never recommend or make use of his talks, mainly because he has been suspended by the Church (although I could have worded them better). While my closing comments could be perceived as harsh, you’re reading way more into them than I intended. However, it’s something that I’ll need to keep in mind in the future.

      In general, I agree with your advice to never criticize a priest. However, this is a case where a famous person’s words and actions are causing great division among Catholics. He is also poisoning the minds of his followers by negative comments toward the bishop of Corpus Christi and undermining the authority of the Church. Out of concern for the spiritual well being of my readers, I felt the need to set the record straight. As you point out, this is simply my opinion, as is the case with any blogger.

      Just to be clear, I encourage everyone to continue to pray for Father Corapi and all of our priests. I will certainly do so.

      God Bless,

  13. CajunCatholic says:

    Thank you ‘enough already’, ‘katherine cairnes’ and ‘sueb’ – very well said by all of you.
    How can anyone stand in judgement of another soul who is being persecuted (perhaps unjustly?) and enduring a great deal of suffering?

    I take great offense to the comment about Fr Corapi perhaps preventing the saving grace to souls in purgatory due to not carrying his cross – How can anyone know for certain the result of this trial for Fr Corapi and the Church??? ONLY God knows and ONLY God applies grace where He deems appropriate – By demonizing Fr Corapi’s decision to leave the priesthood and making a heinous public comment regarding Fr Corapi’s body of work…and further committing to ‘extinguish him from your life’, I am finding some of my Catholic brethren to be a most embarressing and shameful group.

    Therefore judge nothing before the time, until the Lord come, who both will bring to light the hidden things of darkness, and will make manifest the counsels of the hearts: and then shall every man have praise of God.”
    1 Corinthians 4:5

    I can see much darkness in this situation and I pray that the Light of Christ show fully and in Truth, the real perpetrator –

    Thank God for His limitless Mercy….its a good thing we will find judgement from the Lord of Lords and not our fellow humans.

    1. Gary Zimak says:


      How can anyone stand in judgement of another soul who is being persecuted (perhaps unjustly?) and enduring a great deal of suffering?

      I am in no way judging his soul. I am pointing out some problematic areas in his behavior that are have caused and will continue to cause division in the Church. I also stated that I’ll continue to pray for him, and I will.

      I take great offense to the comment about Fr Corapi perhaps preventing the saving grace to souls in purgatory due to not carrying his cross ? How can anyone know for certain the result of this trial for Fr Corapi and the Church???

      If you’ll read my comments, you’ll see that I don’t know this “for certain”. I said that it was a possibility and it is.

      By demonizing Fr Corapi?s decision to leave the priesthood and making a heinous public comment regarding Fr Corapi?s body of work…

      I’m not sure of your definition of “heinous public comment regarding Fr Corapi?s body of work”. My point is that, right now, Fr. Corapi is suspended and, as a result, cannot preach in public. EWTN will not air his programs because of that suspension. Unless Fr. Corapi changes his mind, he will most likely be laicized and the suspension will become permanent. It is for that reason that I will never recommend or watch his programs.

      By the way, I agree that my comments about “extinguishing from my life” were inappropriate. I was simply referring to his material and may have gone overboard. My words were an attempt to play off of his “I will not be extinguished” comment. I will certainly pray for him and will encourage others to do so.

      God Bless,

  14. Charlie says:

    As a retired attorney I can emphasize with John Corapi on inadequacy of protection for the accused. However, I suspect the accused here is aggressive by nature and unique in his world experiences. Unlike many of his fellow priests similarly accused, he has a fallback position: his media company and expansive contacts. This enables him to continue, albeit as a layman, what he deems to be his calling – evangelization. Would it have been better for him to go through the canonical process (requiring five years in the case of New Jersey Msgr. Wm. McCarthy)? What would he doing during such period? How would he cope? He’s already 64. He has decided to launch out into the deep rather than to sit around bemoaning his condition. I admire him for that and trust he has prayed that this is what God wants him to do. Like it or not, our callings can change in time. I am a case in point: a religious (but not a priest) until age 25. Then a father of seven and an attorney with an evangelical bent. John Corapi, it should be noted, remains a priest. My understanding is that he is just not permitted to exercise priestly functions except in an emergency.

  15. Jill says:

    Gary, I was a huge fan of Fr. Corapi and just heard about his decision, and am deeply saddened. You are so correct in saying he had a wonderful opportunity to witness to suffering in obedience and saving souls. I agree with you 100%. Thank you for being firm, yet loving in your speaking the truth. It is not easy, as I have found out myself, to stand up for what is really true and right. Most think those that stand for absolutes lack compassion and love, but it is so the opposite!

    God’s blessings on you and will pray for Fr. Coropi. I hate to see his credibility die, but unfortunately, his actions don’t coincide with the love he professed for the Church.

  16. Antonia masetta says:


  17. Father Angel Sotelo says:

    Katherine Cairns:

    This isn’t a matter of “let’s not be critical of disobedience, because everyone is being disobedient these days.” Even if it were, I don’t think that we respond to disobedience in the Church by adding one more act of disobedience.

    But the main matter at hand is not that Corapi is disobeying, but that he is going to break his solemn commitment of ordination and leave the priesthood. If it is devastating to a family when the couple decides to divorce, it is far more devastating to Our Lord when one of His priests replaces his “yes” with a “no.” Jesus revealed to many saints that whenever a priest abandons the priesthood, it is like a dagger plunged into His Sacred Heart.

    1. katherine cairns says:

      Sotela, When a spouse feels betrayed, the decision on whether to stay or leave, would have much to do with the actions of the spouse who did the betraying. I suppose that is what led to Fr. Corapi’s decision to leave the Priesthood.

  18. Deborah Meyer says:

    Gary, I was a Baptist when I first heard Father Corapi. Father Corapi brought me to the Catholic faith and I had the privilege to tell him that face to face. He was so very humble and simply replied, “Welcome Home”. Father Corapi was the only Priest I know that had the courage to tell it like it is. I became Catholic in 2005 and have attended many Catholic Churches. I’m sorry to say that most Priests do not put enough time in their homilies to teach or inspire anyone. When you glance around the Church most people are sleeping. This is why the attendance in the Catholic Church is rapidly declining. Father Corapi stands alone in the Catholic Church for preaching what other Priests don’t have the stomach to preach….but we all need to hear. I truly believe Satan has his hand in trying to silence Father Corapi. Many Priests have told Father Corapi he can’t preach that way. “It is too inflamatory”. The Bishop of Texas silenced him for awhile but I pray that he will continue his ministry where he is appreciated. I have MANY Protestant relatives and friends that wouldn’t miss him on EWTN and look forward to listening to him wherever he goes….on television, radio, conferences, books, internet, facebook, twitter….WHEREVER HE GOES it will be my privilege to listen to this HOLY Man of God.

    1. Gary Zimak says:

      Deborah – I feel your pain and I too owe a great deal to Fr. Corapi (as I stated in my post). While I agree with your comments on homilies, I do know some priests and deacons who are excellent preachers. It’s important to point out that Fr. Corapi is not the only person preaching the message of Jesus Christ. I’m just recommending that while he is suspended (and now, his actions will probably cause that to be permanent), we listen to preachers who are in good standing with the Catholic Church.


  19. Bill says:

    Who is winning in this case but satan? This is the moment when everyone must pick up their Cross this includes all those who Love Father Corapi, The Church, and first and foremost the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The voice of the one crying out in the wilderness are all those who are hurting right which includes everyone writing. God is not limited by time, or space. St Theresa the little Flower wanted so much to be a missionary yet she remain in the Convent and God gave her the Patron of Missionaries. Sometimes we may think that we have to do everything in this life on earth but that places limits on eternity. We have a Pope today who would have loved to have retired and gone strictly into writing and yet even after years past retirement age is in the public eye at all times. Yet did God provide extra graces that what he is writing is having such impact on the world. The point that I am making is that maybe God is pulling him ever closer to himself asking would you live a non public life so that I can show you more and maybe even when your life on earth is over your work done in private will be revealed much like St Theresa the little Flower. Maybe that is why the Church is in no rush because the Church know as St Paul explained nothing can seperate you from God.
    Spiritual warefare which Fr. Corapi spoke much about has a blinding effect on those in it and that is why Jesus sent the Apostles out in two. Yet how many times did Jesus ask the Apostles what are you talking about He knew what their discussions were about and today maybe the question would be the same a simple question What are you discussing among yourselves? Who is the greatest in the Kingdom of God? God Bless and the pain that each one is feeling is not going unheard and May God give the guidence to all because sin will never have the last word.

  20. Father Angel Sotelo says:

    Katherine Cairns:

    When a priest walks away from the priesthood, he is not breaking a commitment to an earthly spouse, to a human being who is a sinner and can betray. The commitment of our priestly life is to Jesus Christ, eternal High Priest. “Leave all things you have and come and follow Me” said the Lord. Do you remember what Our Lord said when Judas Iscariot betrayed the sacred calling? “It would be better for him if he had not been born.”

    In today’s world, when so many need to enable, rationalize, and lawyer away the breaking of sacred vows, I am not surprised that we start to fall back on what John Corapi is feeling or going through. Funny thing, is that in so many homilies, what we were told by Corapi is to think first of what Our Lord is feeling and going through, and how our sins and unfaithfulness cause Him so much pain.

    1. katherine cairns says:

      Fr. Sotelo, I don’t believe Fr. Corapi is walking away from God or His Church, he is leaving the Priesthood. In God’s eyes won’t Fr. Corapi still be a Priest but not a practicing one.

      Fr. Corapi feels betrayed by the Bishops, not God, and that is why he is leaving the Priesthood. Could it be possible that the Bishop will be held accountable for causing Fr. Corapi to leave.

      Didnt Jesus say that it would be better that Judas Iscariot had not been born because he committed suicide?

      There is a precedent being set in the Catholic Church amongst many Bishops, Priests, and Laity that obedience to the Bishop and even the Holy Father is no longer expected, in all circumstances. Im a convert to the faith and I was taught that obedience is very important [always] but I don’t see that this is actually being practiced across the board… In other words it seems to be practiced only on a case by case bases.

  21. Mary says:

    You do not know why Fr. Corapi said what he said. He obviously knows the reasons for speaking out. He also knows, and has always said, that there are Bishops, priests, religious and laypersons in the church that are against what Fr. John has always preached. I believe that he is the first priest to actually state publicly the unorthodox things that have been going on in the church. Things that we lay people have seen and been subjected to for a long time, while most of the clergy, including Bishops have justed looked the other way or worse yet, told s we were wrong. The Bishop can be wrong you know. You insist on saying that Fr. Corapi is the one making the decision to leave, you do not know that. He may have been informed that he will be suspended indefinitly, which would be the same as leaving, only they do not call it that. As someone said, he is already 64, if they take years to settle this thing ( and it could be deliberate) by then he’ll be ready for retirement. You do not know. As for not listening to his tapes or recommending him, why? Is what he preached no longer the truth? He has not gone against the Catholic Church and I do not see where he is leading people against it either. He is being truthful. We all know that in the Church some with authority have not dealt with things well, either by ignorance, poor judgement or deliberately. If you notice, the accuser is not accusing him of rape or coersive actions, but of inappropriate behavior with her. Whether true or not she is obviously out to get him. Perhaps the Bishop is using this to get him too, for his own reasons? There are many in the church who have wanted to shut him up for a long time. Why wasn’t Archbishop Malingo suspended from his priestly facuilties when he went and married that woman in a group wedding by Rev Moon? There was no question as to his guilt and yet they took him back, kept him at the Vatican and then he went back into ministry, until he left again on his own to join the same group.
    Fr. Corapi is acknowledging the Bishops right but having a right to do something does not mean you are using that right without prejudice.
    You keep saying we do not know, but you do not give Fr. John the credit for what he does know, and perhaps, knows that we will never be told becuase they do not have to tell us. Which will leave him presumedly guilty and in limbo until he just fades away. I admire him and know that he has spoken the truth with courage. That does not mean I am going against the Church because, to not admit that there are things going on in the Church that are wrong, would be foolish. Christ is the head of the Church and we the body are mere sinful creatures and that includes everyone. I pray for Fr. John, that God give him the strenght to follow His will and the wisdom to know what that is. You do not know what it is.

  22. Daniel Longo says:

    Gary I support your comments. If folfs follow ant man – fr Corapi – or anyone. Away from the Catholic Church they creat a schism – we need to stay faothful to the Catholic Church and our Pope especially during these times

    1. katherine cairns says:

      Daniel, Fr. Corapi never said he is leaving the Catholic Church.

    2. Sheila B says:


      I would also hope that you will follow and stay faithful to Jesus as well as the Catholic Church and the Pope.

  23. Mike McMahon says:


    Your comments are very well thought out, and speak to the truth. It is difficult for people to hear this….when they have put so much trust into one man. I have always loved to hear Fr. Corapi speak…and he has helped to convert many. However, I agree with all of your comments. We will continue to pray for Father Corapi…in hopes that he comes to his senses, and the truth of what his vocation is.

  24. […] website, which normally would make me happy…but I wish the circumstances were different.? My blog about Fr. Corapi’s decision to leave the priesthood generated lots of interest (to say the least). ?I was called everything from a “fool” […]

  25. Judith says:

    Humility, humility, Humility and Purity. These are the two virtues Our Blessed Mother Excelled in and which CRUSHED SATAN FOREVER.
    Were are thes two virtues in Fr. Corapi . SOLT
    Society of Our Lady of the Trinity.
    I wish Fr. Corapi had imitated Our Blessed Mother whatever the ‘current’ circumstances were.

    1. katherine cairns says:

      Judith, I don’t believe we can judge that Fr. Corapi is being prideful because of his decision.

      Fr. Corapi is obviously hurt, disappointed, and maybe justifiably angry, which are all emotions that have been given to us by God.

      Only God knows Fr. Corapi’s heart. Im sure Fr. Corapi feels very betrayed and none of us can say unless we have been there what we would do in his situation.

      1. Judith says:

        Hello katherine,
        I do agree with your assessment of Fr. Corapi’s emotional reactions. I did have similar emotional reactions when his news first broke in solidarity with him and immediately started praying for him.
        But do recall, Our Lord judges us not by emotion but by ‘WILL’
        HE said ‘Learn of ME for I am meek and humble of Heart’ IN PERSONA CHRITI’
        A PRIEST must carry his cross with Jesus.
        True Humility was defined as ‘ I am what I am before God–nothing more, nothing less’ Do you know who said that?
        Blessed Teresa of Calcutta.
        O what GREAT GOOD Fr. Corapi could have wrought if only he had said to both his cannon and secular lawyers ‘ Get thee behind me satan’ as Our Lord said to Peter. And drank his chalice of suffering [handed to him Fr. Corapi from God The Father -for NOTHING HAPPENS WITHOUT HIS PERMITTING WILL] to the very end as Our Lord Jesus Christ did and WON OUR SALVATION.
        I do not judge Fr. Corapi. He was a ‘BIG TARGET’ for satan and the trickster knew exactly which stone to fling at him.

        1. katherine cairns says:

          Judith, I believe [regardless] of what anyone says or thinks about Fr. Corapi or his [decision] that he is a deeply spiritual and wise man.

          I believe he knows exactly what he is doing and I support him in his decision.

  26. Terry W says:

    Amazing at all the speculation on all sides here. Much of it is idol gossip. No one here knows anything about the fine details of this situation. Leave this all in God’s hands…as Catholic Christians we are “In Sales, not Management”. Pray for all involved. If you do not think Jesus sees this situation, you do not know him as you should.

    1. katherine cairns says:

      Terry, I don’t believe anyone is speculating. Were discussing whether or not Fr. Corapi should stay or leave the Priesthood. We are just giving our opinions and expressing how we feel about his decision.

  27. Michael Lee says:

    Gary, you’ve spoken well. This is all terribly sad; moreso because this present action was unnecessary.

  28. Sheila B says:

    “Gods way’s are not our ways.” Is what just came to my thoughts. Have heard the recent news about Fr. John. Maybe this is a horrible blessing in disguise for God to use him outside of the church. It is in the end up to God what we do with the life he has given us to do in His name. It is Jesus who we follow, not a church. I am glad he will be heard on radio. His heart is for God. Being a christian is not an easy path. He follows the footsteps of those who have gone on before him in walking in Jesus’ steps. I know God will use him to reach millions for Jesus. Peace on Fr JOHN!!!!!

    1. Gary Zimak says:


      It is Jesus who we follow, not a church.

      Don’t forget that Jesus founded a Church (Mt 16:18-19) as the vehicle for our salvation. When we obey the teachings of the Catholic Church, we obey Jesus.


  29. Fr. Angel Sotelo says:

    Katherine: The ordination to the priesthood does not have the option of being revoked by the priest, based on feelings of betrayal, or what the priest wants to do. Holy Orders is an eternal consecration, not a lifetime one, of a man to both Christ and His Mystical Body, the Church. John Corapi preached very harshly about priests who walk away from their priestly ministry, and rightly so. He also preached very strongly against priests who did not put the ministry of sacraments ahead of their personal feelings, or what they are going through. Why? Because when a priest stops ministering sacraments, 90% of his effectiveness to save souls is down the drain.

    Now, I wish that he would follow the very good, Catholic advice he gave to other priests, and preached about. In God’s eyes, the priesthood must be lived. A man can not just “be” and priest, and no longer “practice” priestly ministry, for it is in the outward sacraments and ministrations that he gives spiritual flavor to the Church, which is bishops as well as laity. Jesus said, “but what good is salt if it looses its flavor. It is good for nothing, but to be thrown out and trampled underfoot.”

    This consecration, being set apart by Jesus for souls, is meaningless and useless if this priesthood is not exercised under apostolic obedience. The Lord said to the apostles, “he who listens to you, listens to Me, and he who listens to Me listens to the One who has sent me.”

    Our Lord also told the apostles, “Whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven; whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.” The Catholic interpretation is that the apostolic authority of the bishops is binding even if we do not like the structures, the process, or the decisions which affect us. God will certainly judge and punish bishops who are unjust in their treatment of others, but God will also judge and punish those priests who instead of abiding by the process of the Church, walk away from their priestly ministry.

    Blessed Teresa of Calcutta once complained that the Pope asked her to travel and give spiritual talks, because it took time away from her labors. She said that she did not agree with what the Pope was asking, but that it would please God if she obeyed. “Even if a superior asks us to do what we hate, and they are wrong for asking, we are not wrong in obeying. The obedience will always lead to holiness” is how a Missionary of Charity put it to me.

    In your convert classes, you were grievously misguided and misled if they spoke of “precedents” for disobedience as if this is the new, improved version of Catholicism. And John Corapi never, ever spoke of times when it is acceptable to go against a direct order from the Holy Father or our bishop. If someone tells you to do something evil, that is different, but no one has commanded Corapi to commit evil. They have simply commanded him to be patient with the process of investigation of sexual misconduct. Sorry, priests don’t get special treatment and get shortcuts or can circumvent what everyone else goes through in an investigation of such an accusation.

    God will hold us accountable for going back on the promises of ordination–those are sacred vows and no anger towards the bishops can excuse or dispense a priest. The Psalm says, “The Lord has sworn an oath and He will not repent, you are a priest FOREVER.”

  30. Fr. Angel Sotelo says:

    As far as Judas Iscariot goes, we do not know what Jesus thought of the suicide, because there is no Biblical comment of Our Lord after Judas took his life.

    Rather, the Lord Jesus said, “Woe to him by whom the Son of Man is betrayed.” It was leaving the company of Jesus that was the sin. It was walking away from his apostleship, his call to follow Jesus to the end, which was so terrible to Our Lord.

    Our Savior offered, one last time, an attempt to keep Judas in the circle of the apostles by offering him a morsel of bread, the bread of His Divine Friendship. It was like He was saying, “Don’t leave me.” Then, after taking the morsel, instead of staying, the Bible says that Satan entered the heart of Judas. Then, Jesus turned to him and said, “Do quickly what you are going to do.”

    I think something similar to this scene of the Last Supper happens to every priest who abandons his ministry and goes back on his apostleship. It is when the priest says, “Sorry, but I’m going to do it my way. This is what I need to do, too bad for souls.” He decides he won’t be in the confessional for that soul that is on the brink, and won’t be at the sick bed of that person in their last agony, and won’t preach at the altar those Words of everlasting life, and won’t consecrate that Host for the souls in purgatory anymore. He has a Judas moment. It is the moment when Jesus offers the morsel of bread, one last attempt to save him from backing out on his commitment.

    1. Alyssa Gibson says:

      Father Sotelo,
      Thank you for all of your replies – I realize it is almost two months later, but I hope you see this. You really have been helpful in leading me to understand the priesthood. As a lifetime Catholic, you would think I would and I do have some understanding, but you have really laid it out. I never considered, for example, that it is *like* marriage but so much more. I never contemplated the “forvever” portion of the Psalm that you quote. Your last paragraph was so poignant, too, that it brought tears to my eyes.

      May God bless you. I will keep you in my prayers for priests.

  31. Peggy says:

    What is so sad is that Father and I say Father because he is a priest for ever, Corapi, has touch so many lives or we wouldn’t be talking about him. He was such a great preacher. But he is not our God, and yes on other web sites people have said they are leaving the Catholic Church to follow him. He preached so much about how he loved the Church and how beautiful his ordinations was, how? can he just walk away. Why? wouldn’ t he fight for his priesthood. Mother Mary has guided him his whole life, she would protect him from the evil one, if he stayed. In the beginning I was all for him, thinking the Bishop were unfair, etc. But with his speech on resignning his priesthood, so he can speak out, that he can’t wait for a decision that they are going to let him fade away after 3 month, tells me something is very wrong. St. Padre Pio had to wait over 10 years. And he was attacked all the time by satan. What was very disturbing about this was this new web site and he calling him self the black sheep dog. when playing his speech and you see the eye of the wolf with sheep in it and then spanding out to see both eyes with wolves in it, seems so evil. It’s so true the closer you get to Jesus and especially a priest the devil will go after you because, this is his prize, to take away a soul from God, to hurt Him. God is so hurt by all of this. We must stay focus on our faith and we can support him in our prayers that he does right by his priesthood. If he has a contract with a web site it be better to let it go for now. That’s not what important, his priesthood is. He always said he like being a hermit then Fr. Corapi take this time and spend with our Lord in Adoration and deep prayer. Because it is not worth gainning the whole world and lose your soul. In our times we need more priest not ones to leave. We need good shepards. We can’t abandon the Church that Jesus Christ started for no one. That’s what satan wants.

    1. Judith says:

      You have spoken the truth !!!!!
      He Fr. Corapi must be ‘proud ‘ that people are leaving the Catholic Church to follow him. What a sad end to such a promising life. The evil one must be grinning to have another advocate for the so called ‘global church’
      As for the website I was ‘horrified’ at the sight of that menacing animal staring back at you. Several commentators have made similar observations.
      Alarming at how the youth will be drawn to such unseemly site.
      All we can do is pray for souls—-

  32. Eileen says:

    I found your blog after reading the blog These Stone Walls. A friend of mine sent me the post on Fr. Corapi. I just finished listening to Fr. Corapi’s message. Once a priest always a priest. Jesus loves his priests.

    I like you seek the truths of our faith. I believe Jesus loves His bride and will protect her at all costs and she will not be destroyed.

    I find so much peace in knowing God is always out looking for is lost sheep.

    I am sad;( now realizing, he probably won’t be on EWTN. So many precious years of watching him and seeing our Blessed Mother in the backround. A period of time gone.

    Your blog is one I will visit. Your struck a cord with me when you said he is causing division in our Church. In the late sixties after NOW orchestrated the national “unveiling”, and women removed their veils, church attendance dropped 75%. Do you feel another attack such as this coming?

    I have an application on the way to minister in prisons. I have really felt that the time is now for me to do this.

    1. Gary Zimak says:

      Thanks for your comments, Eileen. As much as I liked Fr. Corapi’s work in the past, he’s simply one voice proclaiming the Gospel message. Until (and if) this issue gets corrected, I am recommending that people listen to the works of the many priests who are not suspended. It’s hard to predict what will happen with Corapi in the future, but if he is laicized and continues to preach, I think his following will be small and he’s going to be “non issue”. Devout Catholics who are loyal to the Church (Corapi’s core audience) are eventually going to feel uneasy about listening to him. In the meantime, I’m still praying for him (and all affected) every day and will continue to do so. May God bless you in your prison ministry. You will be in my prayers.


  33. Roy says:


    You are right, there are many good prist we can listen to and I for one have chosen not to listen to any of my old Fr. Corapi DVD’s untile his situation is corrected by the church. The whole affair is sadding but God in his way will not let us be led astray, but we need to be on guard.

  34. cygon says:

    I don’t know about you but I do think that Fr. Corapi has not been treated fairly by the church and this particular bishop. ANd neither was Mother ANgelica. There a lot of good bishops but I am willing to bet that there are at least euqal numbers of bishops who think that they are the pope (of not GOd himself) Based on the way that they tried to get Mother Angelica thrown out of the church, they seem – as a group – to have a megalomaniacal sort of mentality that would not tolerate anyone who spoke better than they did or preaches the church teachings in a more faithful way than they did. This whole sex candal thinkg is the fault of the bishops – no, not the Vatican, since the pope cannot exactly peek into the inner crevices of each church in every diocese. Unless you are in COrapi’s shoes, or in any wrongly accuse priest’ shoe, you would not know how frustrating and slow and wrong this church “process” is. I think it is better for Corapi to take it himnself to the civil courts and have his name cleared. or not. If it is up to church administrators, the piest would just rot in a corner , and no one will ever know if he did it or not. This exact thing happened to the pastor of my church. Just yanked out, some mino administrator, announcing what he was accused of to everyone after each mass one SUnday. ANd then….. nothing…. no trial no testimonies….no further anews… NOTHING. The man just seats in limbo now, ‘volunteering’ in some library somewhere….with his name forever tarnished and 30 years of service down the drain. He may not have been the perfect priest but ….gee…. we ytreat murdered, pedophile hollywood directorsm and drug dealers better than this.

  35. cygon says:

    sorry about all the typos. I should have proofed it first.

  36. cygon says:

    I am still wondering why none of the AMerican catholic bishops ever took a fall from all the priest sex scandals. After all, they were the ones who ultimately decided to shuffle the pedophiles around. The guilty parties did not shuffle themselves around, and they were sick in mind and body anyway. So, those who are not sick, but decided to do the wrong thing anyway, are more guilty . And the worst thing is that, this whole mess has not changed their attitudes except to make them more ready to throw any priest to the wolves now. to save themselves the trouble and expense of a trial.. At least half the US bishops are not “obedient” to the pope, nor to the teachings of the universal church.nor do they have any saintly “humility”. Why do we expect every poor priest to have these virtues when they do not see it in their bishops?

  37. cygon says:

    BTW Mr. Zimak: I do not know anything about you, why you blog or what your standing is in the church. But your comments re Corapi do not seem to me to reflect the humility that you require of others, nor does it reflect any charity towards a fellow human being who maybe hurting. Unless you have walked in Corapi’s shoes, Mr. Zimak ( and for your sake I hope you do have the opportunity to carry the same cross), you are not entitled to judge this man. Those without sin, cast the first stone. If you look at the lives of the saints, not all of them were meek and humble all the dam time. maybe you forgot the Corapi was named after the Baptist, who never shut up until his head was cut off.

  38. cygon says:

    I also observe that a lot of bloggers think that Corapi is proud that people are leaving the church to follow him, and other such nonsense like that. Did you not hear him say that he is not leaving the church and that he loves this church? The reason he is leaving the priesthood is so that he could pursue this case in civil courts apart from the ‘priestly obedience’ that is required of him. He wants to clear his name. The man is ill and maybe he feels that he does not have too long to live. He wants to clear his name before he dies, wouldn’t you? Why don’t anyone question the wisdom of that bishop who did not have to do this, since Corapi is not a diocesan priest under him? Corapi’s case could have been better handled by his own superior in SOLT, which was what was happening before this bishop decided to step in. After all the wisdom that the US bishops exhibited in handling pedophilia in their ranks, why would anyone still think that they have the wisdom of God, and that we should just leave everything in their hands? I know that sheep are supposed to be dumb but geez, I am not THAT dumb.
    I am not a ‘follower’ of COrapi; he is not the pope nor is he God. However, his faithful preaching of the catholic truths have helped me, and I feel sorry for him and other priests that have become pawns so that the bishops can save their behinds.
    I left the church long ago because of this type of mentality that I saw. I came back because God would not leave me alone, and because – from the EWTN’s broadcast – I learned what the universal church teachings actually were. I never would have come back if I only listened to these bishops because most times they said nothing and the rest of the time, they talked like politicians. I am sad that, after decades of trouble and after we have had such a courageous and saintly pope in JPII, the american bishops still as a body remain tepid and scared. If it were not for people in EWTN like Mother ANgelica and Corapi, I would still be lost. I wish we would actually try to right what is wrong in the church instead of just look for scapegoats. I wish that the Lord would actually come and throw all the deadwood in the fire.

  39. Judi says:

    Could it be that Corapi is leaving the preisthood to thwart the investigation?

  40. Fr, Corapi’s “ALLEGATIONS” have hurt a lot of folks who were so impressed with his “Charisma”,and “Religious Convictions”,but folks–Human beings are flawed,EGO’s,and ADDICTION’S–all over the country are killing us–!Let us let God be the real JUDGE! Living with real “convictions” takes a lot of real serious work…To be living a wholesome,simple life in prayer,and relationship is almost unheard of now days–in this popular culture–even for priests!It is real SCARY! Amen!Patrice Marie

  41. Marcy says:

    I wish people would get it straight. Father Corapi is NOT leaving the priesthood! He has stated on Twitter and on his Facebook page and I quote, “I am not seeking Laicization.” He has asked to resign form SOLT. He can not function as a priest in public, but he is NOT asking a release form his vows. He has told us to “Love the Church, obey the bishops, you follow Jesus not me. So people can give up the talk about him becoming a lay person, creating a schism or what ever fairy tale they have been plying on these blogs. You shall no a tree by its fruit. I say Father Corapi produce many bushels of good fruit and will probably continue to so the same in the future.

    1. Gary Zimak says:

      Marcy – Thanks for the comments. Although the whole Corapi issue is pretty much dead now (thankfully!), I feel that I should address your statement because it is wrong. Corapi is a smart man and chose his words carefully. He knows that his refusal to cooperate with the superior of his order will result in his laicization, but he’s careful not to say it. I encourage you to pray for him and all who were harmed by the scandal. Despite his clever words to the contrary, he has chosen to leave the priesthood (although a priest can never truly “leave the priesthood”) and that is not a “fairy tale”. Unfortunately, we I agree with you about judging the tree by it’s fruit. His actions do not match his words. That’s exactly why I would steer clear of him and his message.

      God Bless,

  42. Nora Smith says:

    “I for one have chosen not to listen to any of my old Fr. Corapi DVD?s untile his situation is corrected by the church,” says Roy, yet he or anyone else can refute the content of the material is extracted from the Word of God and Christ’s Church, otherwise he would not last at EWTN for so long.
    Weather he leaves the Priesthood or becomes a heretic, the meaning of his teachings on any media, does NOT change simply because they were transmitted through Fr. Corapi’s mouth, with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.
    Interesting to see emotions are going up and down through this matter; they are not helping the Church nor Fr. Corapi.
    A charitable act would be to make PENANCE for our penitent priests, as our Lady of Lourdes asked of St. Bernadette.
    Praying for all fallen priests.

    1. Gary Zimak says:

      Nora – Thanks for the comments. If I gave a series of talks about the sacredness of marriage, which contained some personal comments about Church teaching, and then it came out that I was having an affair, would you still want to watch my talks? My feeling is that, although some of Corapi’s material contains valid Church teaching, we’d do better to get those teachings from another source. Guilty of the accusations or not, his actions and statements caused division in the Church. Fortunately, he’s pretty much being ignored now. He made his choice and, fortunately for most of his followers, he went so far “off the deep end” that there’s very little danger of him poisoning the mind of anyone when he criticizes the bishops and those in authority. I still keep him in my prayers, and urge others to do the same, but he is really a “non-issue” now.

      God Bless,

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