The Perfect Prayer…

The perfect prayer is not one in which we tell God what we wish from Him, but rather one in which we ask God what He wishes from us. (Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen)

Many of us pray every day using words like this:


… help me to find a new job.

…?please let me recover from my illness.

… allow me to pay my bills this month.

… let me meet someone with whom I can share my life.

… help him/her to change.

… let the weather be good for my party.

While there is nothing wrong with any of these prayers, they are all relatively easy to utter.? When we need something, it’s not too difficult to ask for the Lord’s help.? On the other hand, the prayer we rarely pray is the one that takes the most courage.? It’s the prayer spoken by the prophet Samuel?to the Lord, “Speak, for your servant is listening” (1 Sm 3:10).? It’s the prayer that you and I should summon up the courage to say from time to time.? While God certainly wants us to ask for what we need, it couldn’t hurt to?add:

Lord, what can I do for You?

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