Coming Soon…The Worrier Warrior Website!


I’m excited to announce that the Worrier Warrior website will be available very soon! In anticipation of my forthcoming book, A Worrier’s Guide To The Bible (50 Verses To Ease Anxieties), I’ll soon have a site designed specifically to help you break free from worrying and focus on God’s providence!

While Following The Truth will still exist and be updated frequently, I’ll use the new site to focus on Bible verses, links, blogging and other items pertaining to worry. Stay tuned for more information and please share this information with the other “worriers” in your life. In the meantime, make it a point to follow the Worrier Warrior on Facebook and Twitter:

Above all, remember the famous words of Saint Padre Pio…

Pray, Hope and Don’t Worry!

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2 Responses to Coming Soon…The Worrier Warrior Website!

  1. Rose Ann Farese says:

    This is one site that I am truly looking forward to! God Bless You!

    • Gary Zimak says:

      Thank you, Rose Ann! Please keep the effort in your prayers, that it may help MANY people!

      God Bless,

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