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Collecting For The Knights Of Columbus

Today I had the pleasure of participating in a fundraising activity sponsored by the Knights of Columbus. I helped to collect money outside of a supermarket that will be used to help mentally handicapped children. While doing this, I couldn?t help but reflect on a few things?

I found it refreshing that people are so generous, even though we are living in economically uncertain times. One person who particularly impressed me was a young man whose job was to return shopping carts left in the parking lot. He was about 16 years old and came over and gave me some money. We talked a bit as he purchased a bottle of water from the vending machine next to where I was standing. He then took his change and deposited it into my container. It was very refreshing to see a young person be so charitable, not just once but twice! That was probably a lot of money to him and I?m sure that God was very pleased with his generosity.

I was also proud to be a third degree member of the Knights of Columbus. They do so many things to help the Church and people in need. I strongly encourage all Catholic men to join this great organization. Visit their website at to learn more or to find a council in your area.

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