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Biden, Georgetown and Twisted Logic

On April 23, Vice President Joe Biden was presented the Legal Momentum Hero Award at Georgetown University. So what?s the big deal, you ask?

1. Joe Biden, who is a Catholic, is a supporter of abortion rights and has a 0 rating from National Right to Life in 2007-2008. This means that he never once voted to protect unborn children.

2. Georgetown University is a Catholic College (supposedly).

3. The United States Bishops have issued a directive that pro-abortion politicians should not be honored by Catholic institutions.

To make matters worse, this event was co-sponsored by The Georgetown Journal of Gender and Law and Legal Momentum, a pro-abortion, pro-homosexual “marriage” lobby group once known as the NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund.

Just last week, the Jesuit-run University received a great deal of publicity for covering up the name of Jesus (at the request of the White House) during an appearance by pro-abortion President Obama. I?m not really sure where to begin to discuss this one. I will say this?if anyone looks at Joe Biden as an example of a faithful Catholic or Georgetown as a good Catholic University, I strongly recommend that you reconsider your position.

Rather than condemn Mr. Biden, however, we need to pray for his conversion. It?s obvious that he has no idea of what is expected of a Catholic (especially one who is a public official). In his acceptance speech, this man who is a total supporter of abortion stated, ?You know there is no excuse for violence against a woman or child. There is no excuse.?

You know what, Joe? For once I agree with you!

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  1. NC Sue says:

    I will never – ever – understand how anyone can thing that abortion doesn’t constitute an act that involves violence toward and taking of a human life.

    I was drawn to the Church after applying for a position as a nurse on a gynecological cancer floor. The manager told me that sometimes this unit would receive “overflow” patients after late term aborions, and that sometimes a baby might be born alive, and that I would be expected to place the baby in a basin and set in in the “dirty utility room”.

    If that’s not murder, what is?


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