A Catholic Retreat For Those Who Worry!


Catholic speaker and retreat leader Gary Zimak will be leading a Pray, Hope and Don't Worry retreat at the Malvern Retreat House in Malvern, PA on August 14-16,2015

Are you tired of worrying?

Would you like to feel greater peace in your life?

Do you sometimes wish you could get to know Jesus better?

Does the idea of getting away for a few days of peaceful reflection and relaxation sound good to you?

I am thrilled to announce that on Aug 14 – Aug 16, 2015, I will be leading the first ever Pray, Hope and Don’t Worry retreat at the Malvern Retreat House in Malvern, PA! Located in the Philadelphia suburbs, the Malvern Retreat House is the oldest and largest Catholic retreat center in the United States. I have a great deal of respect for the work that Msgr. Marino and his staff do and I am honored to be working with them on this retreat.

This retreat will allow you to encounter Jesus in a deep and personal way. We will meet Him in the Sacraments and Sacred Scripture. We’ll grow closer to the Blessed Mother. I will share simple and practical ways which have allowed me to break free from worrying. Here is the schedule for the weekend:

5:00 Registration
6:45 Dinner
7:30 Welcome
8:15 Conference #1 Getting Personal With Jesus
9:00 Celebration of the Eucharist: Priest provided

7:00 Rise
7:40 Morning Prayer
8:00 Breakfast.
9:15 Conference #2 From Fear To Faith
10:15 Reconciliation Service Leader & Confessors are provided for individual confessions
11:30 Way of the Cross (Private ? Using the outside Stations provided along the pathways)
12:15 Lunch
1:30 Conference #3 What If Mary Said, ?No??
2:30 Small Group Discussion
3:15 Break
3:45 Questions and Comments
4:30 Break
4:45 Celebration of the Eucharist: Priest provided
5:45 Dinner
7:30 Conference #4 You Can?t Walk On Water If You?re Sitting In The Boat!
8:30 TBD
9:30 Coffee & Danish

7:00 Rise
7:30 Morning Prayer
8:00 Breakfast
8:30 Conference #5 What Does God Want Me To Do?
10:30 Faith Sharing
11:00 Celebration of the Eucharist (Rector of Malvern as celebrant)

My presentations will include:

1. Getting Personal With Jesus ? Many people go through life knowing about Jesus, but never get to know him personally. Sadly, many Catholics don?t even know that it?s possible to have a close, personal relationship with Christ. Using some of the techniques featured in his soon to be released book on the topic, Gary will give you practical suggestions for becoming close friends with the Lord. In addition, you?ll discover why it?s critical that you share Jesus with others and learn simple ways to do so.

2. From Fear To Faith – Are you tired of worrying? After struggling to overcome anxiety for many years, Gary Zimak has learned that Jesus Christ can help us to win this battle. In this talk, based on his best-selling books A Worrier?s Guide To The Bible and From Fear To Faith, Gary will share his step by step approach for breaking free from worry by encountering Christ in His Church.

3. What If Mary Said ?No?? – We often assume that Mary had to say ?yes? when asked to become the Mother of the Savior. In reality, the Blessed Mother?s assent was a conscious choice on her part. In this talk, based on Gary?s book, Listen To Your Blessed Mother, we?ll look closely at Mary?s life and learn how to imitate her constant ?yes? to the Lord. You?ll also discover how Mary can lead you closer to Jesus than you ever thought possible.

4. You Can?t Walk On Water If You?re Sitting In The Boat! ? Did you ever feel like God is asking you to do something, but you?re afraid? That?s perfectly normal. Whenever the Lord asks us to do anything, there is always some element of fear involved. There?s no reason to let fear stop you from letting God work great miracles in your life, however. In this talk, Gary will give you practical advice for conquering even your greatest fears and teach you how to surrender control of your life to the Lord!

5. What Does God Want Me To Do? ? As someone who went from a secure career as a project analyst to an uncertain future as a Catholic lay evangelist, Gary knows what it takes to discern God?s will. How do I know what the Lord is calling me to do? How can I learn to hear Him speak in a noisy world? How can I learn to trust in His providence? All these questions (and more) will be answered in this talk, based on Gary?s own personal journey and detailed in his book Faith, Hope, And Clarity: How To Know God?s Will. You?ll learn that it is possible to hear God speak and experience peace in the midst of uncertainty. This peace can be experienced only by surrendering to the Lord?s will.

This retreat is open to both men and women and is designed to help you to finally break away from worrying by growing closer to the Lord. We will be staying in the beautiful Family Life Center (A one-story facility with 50 air-conditioned rooms with private baths for individuals, couples and family members. Each room has a double bed and a single bed and a private bath. Four rooms are fitted for wheelchair accommodation, and contain one double bed).The cost for the weekend retreat (including meals and lodging) is only $225. Please email me if you have any questions or need additional information.

Click on the following image to register for the Pray, Hope and Don’t Worry retreat. Space is VERY limited (100 people), so make it a point to register today!

Register today for the Pray, Hope and Don't Worry retreat led by Catholic speaker Gary Zimak at the Malvern Retreat House

Gary Zimak is the author of ?A Worrier?s Guide To The Bible?, ?Listen To Your Blessed Mother?, ?From Fear To Faith? and ?Faith, Hope and Clarity.? He is a frequent speaker at parishes and conferences across the United States and Canada, has an international radio following and is recognized as the leading Catholic speaker on the topic of overcoming anxiety. In addition to hosting his own daily radio show on BlogTalkRadio, Gary is a regular guest on EWTN television and radio.

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