Why I’m Glad That I Said “And Also With You”!

Maybe I shouldn’t admit this publicly, but I did slip up and say “and also with you” at Mass today.? Although I understand that this is the first day that we’ve used the new Roman Missal, I really should know better.? I’ve blogged about the changes, devoted radio shows to them and? have been looking forward to these?modifications?for a few years.??Unfortunately, I’ll probably slip up again at daily and Sunday Mass.? Rather than beat myself up about saying the wrong response, I’m actually thankful that it happened (and will continue to happen).? Why?? Not because I want to look like a dope, but because it’s teaching me a valuable lesson.

Every time? I proclaim “and also with you” instead of “and with your Spirit” it tells me that I’m zoning out and not paying attention at Mass.??While that’s not a good thing, awareness of that fact is?the first step to recovery.? The Mass is the most important activity that takes place on earth and we want to make sure that we’re there mentally as well as physically.? At every Mass, we are mystically transported to Calvary and are able to share in the offering of Jesus by offering our lives to the Father.? We are also able to receive numerous graces through our worthy?participation.?

Did you?mess up and say the wrong?response today?? Instead of feeling bad, be?thankful?for the reminder that you were slipping into “auto pilot” mode and use it as motivation to pay?better attention each Sunday.??What better way to begin the season of Advent than by realizing that?we have some?work to do!? In this holy season, we focus on preparing to meet the Lord.? Guess who appears at every Mass?? You got it…the Savior of the world!? Paying closer attention and participating more fully at Mass is an excellent way to?get ready?for the coming of the Lord when you receive Him in Holy Communion.? Don’t miss?the opportunity!

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