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Whoever Exalts Himself Will Be Humbled…


…but whoever humbles himself will be exalted. (Matthew 23:12)

Whether it involves our practice of attending daily Mass, praying the rosary or performing charitable acts, the Lord’s words are clear. Being Catholic involves A LOT more than just thoughts and words. While all of these spiritual practices are essential parts of our faith, we have to remember that we’re also called to LOVE and SERVE one another. Jesus gave us the supreme example of what it means to serve. One of the best ways to serve is to SHARE what we have with others. We can obviously share our monetary wealth, but we can also share our time and our knowledge of the Catholic Faith. As people who take our faith seriously, it’s WAY too easy to preach without practicing. Even worse, we can sometimes start to feel superior to those whose faith may not be advanced as ours…BAD IDEA!

Today, as we continue our Lenten journey, let’s look for ways to imitate Jesus by serving and not being served. Let’s think of the many people in our lives who are “poor” in some way. We can serve them by sharing what we have. As true servants, we’ll also expect nothing in return. In reality, however, we’ll receive more than we can imagine in the next life!

“Bring me the sign of true humility by being not overly ambitious in your position, but lowly. Don?t be impatient over any pain or abuse you might suffer, but endure within the body of holy Church by the firm power of patience, even to the point of death. When you speak and proclaim the truth, whether in giving counsel or in any other role, do it fearlessly, looking only to God?s honor, the salvation of souls, and the advancement of holy Church, as her true son, nurtured by so tender a Mother. In this way you will demonstrate gentle divine charity and patience as well.” (Saint Catherine of Siena)

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