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Who Says Miracles Don’t Happen?

On October 31st, I received this email from my friend Mary Ann:

Hello Gary: I?have a?prayer request for you please. My husband just called me and told me of a friend of ours, Melissa, who is pregnant and due in January.? She was just told that she has breast cancer and it is an aggressive kind.? They are going to take her baby early at 34 weeks so they may start chemo therapy and radiation asap.? This poor girl is such a mess right now.? She called to ask for prayers. That is all she wants right now.? She has another 2 year old child.? I know she is devastated with this news.

I immediately posted the request on my Facebook fan page and many people agreed to pray.? The prayer request was posted on other pages such as one devoted to?Mary’s Miraculous Medal.? On Monday of this week,? I received another?update:

Hello Gary: I have an update on Melissa! The doctor saw that Melissa was not as far along in her pregnancy as first thought, so that meant if they waited to deliver it would prolong her breast cancer treatment.? Her doctor decided to remove the tumor.? During the surgery the doctor was pleased to find out that the cancer did not spread to the lymph nodes. He believes now that he will not have to do a mastectomy.? She will need radiation and chemo after her baby is born, but the prognosis is much better now!? I know that all of the prayers helped. Everything looked so grim and now Melissa is so relieved!? Thank you for asking your listeners for prayers and for notifying the Miraculous Medal page also.? Melissa was truly amazed of all the prayers!

Great news, right?? It gets even better.? Here is an update from earlier today:

Hi Gary: Melissa just called my husband and told him that her doctor told her yesterday that she is cancer free!!!!? The tumor they removed was cancer, but they were able to remove all of it! ?The other nodule that was under her arm was not cancer!!? The doctor found that out yesterday. This is truly wonderful.? She called my husband to tell him that when she read my post about what you did with all of the prayer requests she just cried and cried!? Now, she called my husband this morning and said, “I know that it was all of those prayers that made this happen!”? Praise God! I just wanted you to hear this from Melissa!

What do think about that news…is that great, or what?!? While?some will?call this a coincidence or give all the credit to the doctors, we know better.? We know that there is one doctor who cured this?woman and?his?name is Doctor Jesus.? We also know that His nurse, Nurse?Blessed Mother?Mary, provided assistance with her intercession.??

Although the?Lord doesn’t always?perform?physical?healings, stories like?this remind?us that?He can do them.??Let this be a reminder to all of us that prayer really does work.? Thank you, Lord, for allowing Melissa to be?healed of the cancer.? Please continue to?heal her and allow her to have a safe delivery.

Thank You, Jesus!


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