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Who Is The King Of Your Life?

Today the Church celebrated the Solemnity of Christ the King. It is a day to recognize the King of kings and Lord of lords, Jesus Christ. If Jesus is truly our king, we should obey all of His commands and always seek to follow Him. For most of us, we fall short many times and find ourselves paying homage to numerous false ?kings? such as comfort, gluttony, apathy, selfishness, etc.

In a few days, the liturgical year will draw to a close and we will begin the holy season of Advent. Over the course of the next week, spend some time asking yourself whose rule you are under. Is it Jesus Christ or is it the attractions of the flesh or love of comfort? Do you find yourself being lukewarm about your faith? If so, there?s no need to panic. The season of Advent is a great opportunity to prepare to welcome Jesus into our lives, just as He was welcomed by the shepherds and wise men two thousand years ago.

Let?s spend the next few days preparing to prepare!

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