What If Today Is Your Last Day?

“Since, when the hour of reckoning comes, you’ll be sorry for not having used this time in the service of God, why don’t you arrange and use it now as you would wish you’d done if you were dying?” (St. John of the Cross)

Six years ago, I started experiencing some scary medical symptoms.? My doctor was concerned and ordered a series of tests.? I suddenly became aware of my mortality and was forced to come to grips with the fact that I could be meeting the Lord soon.? Unfortunately, the thought of that meeting (and the accompanying judgment) was very frightening to me.? Although I was a “practicing” Catholic, I knew that I was just doing the bare minimum.? I decided that I’d use the rest of my life to learn and teach the Catholic Faith.? As it turned out, the doctors never did figure out what was wrong with me and the symptoms gradually disappeared.? If my time was really up, I would have been in serious trouble.

That experience taught me the meaning of Jesus command to “always be ready” (Mt 24:44).? Every morning when I wake?up, I kiss the crucifix and say, “Thank you, Lord for another day.? Please?help me to serve You”.? I try my?best to make good use of the time that he has given me, knowing that he doesn’t want me to?waste?it.? I don’t ever want to?take the chance that death will catch me?by surprise.???

How is your relationship with God?? Do you go to Church, receive the sacraments and try to lead a good life?? Is there a grudge that you’re holding?? Are you living in the state of mortal sin?? If you’re reading this, it’s not too late for you.? An hour from now, a day, a week…who knows?? Don’t take the chance that you’ll have tomorrow.? Make the decision NOW while you still have time!

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2 Responses to What If Today Is Your Last Day?

  1. Jan Sitek says:


    I too had a similar experience about 3 years ago. I heard a really scary word. MELANOMA. I had been a sun lover all my life, and partaking of it had caused a mole since childhood to do some crazy changing. Fortunately, I acted quickly, the doctor was able to remove it, and the only thing reminding me, is the six inch scar I now carry on my left calf. Our time here IS SHORT. God gives us just so many chances to change our hearts. However, I want anyone reading this to know it is never to late to do just that. God loves us uncconditionaly. That love became my greatest hope. Thank you for sharing your story, and keep kissing that cross! In his love, Jan

    • Gary Zimak says:

      Thanks for sharing your story, Jan! Once the Lord gets our attention like this, it’s hard to forget. Unfortunately, not everyone gets an obvious “wake up call” with a chance to make changes. What we all do get, however, is the constant teaching of Christ through the Bible and His Catholic Church. Some may ignore the message, but others will take it seriously. As you said in your comment, it’s still not too late to repent. Tomorrow? That’s another story.


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