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What Does God Want Me To Do?


Catholic Speaker and author Gary Zimak announces his latest book - Faith, Hope and Clarity from Servant Books

Great question, right? Over the years, I have felt that I was being called to do many things…

– Get married

– Become a priest

– Become a permanent deacon

– Change jobs

– Get more involved in my parish

– Work for a parish or diocese

– Pursue full time ministry

– Quit full time ministry

– Sell my house

– Adopt a child

As I struggled to determine what God wanted me to do in each of these cases, I learned a thing or two. To be totally honest, I continue to learn things about the discernment process every day. Sometimes following God’s will involves taking a radical step, but often it just involves accepting what happens in your daily life. Based on my personal experience, however, I now have a much clearer idea of the steps that can be taken to hear God’s voice. I’ve also learned that trying to discern God’s will isn’t something that should be done once or twice in a lifetime. Rather, it’s something that we should do every day. Fortunately, with a little practice, we can often do this without too much thought (especially when it comes to every day decisions).

My latest book – Faith, Hope, and Clarity: How to Know God’s Will is now available for pre-order (see the link below) and will give you a set of steps to assist you in following God’s will – today, tomorrow and for the rest of your life. I use the material contained in this book every day and I’m confident that following these steps will allow you to hear God speak more clearly to you.

Next week, I’ll begin sharing endorsements for the book from notable Catholic personalities. Stay tuned!

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