What Do You Mean The Mass Is Changing?

Being someone who is very much “into” all things Catholic, I sometimes forget how I approached my faith 10 or 15 years ago.? To summarize, my position was, “I’ll go to Mass, but don’t bother me with any of that religious stuff outside of Church”.??Actually, I’m being a little hard on myself, I would sometimes pray when?I needed something 🙂 ?Sounds like?a good, healthy spiritual life, doesn’t it?? In reality, that position summarizes the approach of most Mass-attending Catholics.???

Why do I??bring this up?? I was reading an interesting article over at the Our Sunday Visitor website, which stated that (according to a recent survey) most Catholics in the United States?are unaware of the?Mass revisions that will be take?effect on November 27, 2011.? While there are multiple reasons for this ignorance?(lack of interest, lack of? enthusiasm of clergy, the fact that you have to actually read the parish bulletin instead?of just taking it home, etc.),? it’s?still something that should be addressed.??

Here goes…

If you live in the United States, you will soon be saying some different responses at Mass.? These changes will take effect on November 27, 2011.? In addition, the priest will be saying some different things as well.?

While the changes aren’t drastic, they are important.? If explained properly, these changes?will?help you to?better?understand what is taking place at?Mass.??And that is a GOOD thing!? I hope you check back here often over the next few months, as I’m going to spend a lot of time addressing the new responses.? While I promise to use simple language, I will make sure you get the important concepts.?

Here’s a link to the article from OSV?and, if anyone asks, you can now say you know about the Mass revisions!

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