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The Four Last Things – Heaven and Hell

We?ve all heard the expression, ?All good things must come to an end?. Not only have I used this phrase, but I?ve experienced it many times in my life. Many of my favorite childhood things are no longer around: favorite stores, candy, good friends, TV shows, the feeling of security in my parents? house. They only exist as memories now.

On the other hand, when I am going through an especially difficult time, I console myself with the fact that it won?t last forever. This has helped me to endure many an unpleasant work assignment, illness, cold winter day, etc.

The final two ?Last Things? are Heaven and Hell. Unlike all of the things in this life, they won?t come to an end. They really will last forever. Today, let?s take some time to think about this concept.

If we are faithful to The Lord in this life and follow His instructions as put forth in Sacred Scripture and Tradition (through the teaching authority of the Church), we can cautiously expect to be rewarded with the gift of eternal life in Heaven: A life where there will be no suffering, no illness, no tiredness, no hunger or thirst, no unhappiness and, unlike anything in this world? it will last forever.

If we willingly turn away from God by rejecting His commands without repentance, there exists a real possibility that we could spend eternity in Hell, where there will be nothing but pain, suffering and misery and, unlike anything in this world?it will last forever.

As we conclude our reflection on the Four Last Things, let?s take a good look at where we stand with The Lord. Is our eternal life in danger? Do we need to repent while we still have a chance? Let?s also look at the lives of our family and friends. Are they in need of repentance? If so, wouldn?t be a good idea to charitably warn them before it?s too late?

Heaven and Hell?Total Happiness vs. Total Misery?Two completely opposite eternities with one thing in common?They will both last forever.

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