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Swine Flu, Economic Troubles And Uncertainty

The recent outbreak of swine flu throughout the world serves as a reminder that we aren?t really in control of our destiny. While we can take measures to protect ourselves, ultimately God is in charge of our lives. In today?s society, many people fool themselves into thinking that hoarding money makes one invincible. The recent economic collapse and now the threat of a global flu pandemic should be a wakeup call for each one of us.

No matter what the world wants us to believe, we really aren’t in control. If God wants to get our attention, He’s going to find a way. These recent events make me want to take a good look at my life and make sure I’m doing The Lord’s will. One day He’s going to call me home and, ready or not, I’m going to be judged for how I lived my life.

I want to be prepared, how about you?

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