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Spiritual Exercises – Day 12


Today’s meditation focused on the Standard of Christ vs. the Standard of Satan. Both are calling us. In order to know who we are following, we must look at their opposing strategies:

Satan’s Strategy – Having called together his fellow demons, Satan devises a plan to turn humans away from God.

1. People are tempted to hold on to earthly possessions.
2. Through these possessions, they are to look for human recognition and honor.
3. They are led to pride, which leaves them open to sin.

Christ’s Strategy
– How are Christ’s apostles to carry out their mission?

1. By drawing people to spiritual poverty.
2. Encouraging people to want and accept insults and humiliation.
3. Through humiliations, the followers of Christ will be led to other virtues.

To follow Christ in this way requires special help from Him. Saint Ignatius recommends that we ask Our Lady to obtain the necessary grace from her Son.

Listen to the podcast here.

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