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Spiritual Exercises – Day 10


On today’s show we focused on the Nativity of Our Lord. You can choose one or all of these themes for your meditation:

1. The Birth of Jesus in Bethlehem

a. The journey to Bethlehem came about due to a decree of a pagan emperor. Mary and Joseph made the journey to participate in the census

b. Christ was born in a stable, teaching us the value of poverty.

c. Contrast the glorious song of the angels with the stable.

2. The Shepherds – They responded to the angel’s message, traveled in haste to see the Savior and worshiped Him.

3. The Magi – Although they were Gentiles, they followed the star to pay homage to the Savior. After paying respects to the Lord, they went home “by a different route”.

In case you missed the show, you can listen to the podcast here.

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