Spirit In The Morning – Catholic Radio’s Most Unique Program!


Catholic Speaker Gary Zimak is the host of Spirit In The Morning On Holy Spirit Radio in Philadelphia

It’s hard to believe that we just celebrated the one year anniversary of Spirit In The Morning on Holy Spirit Radio in Philadelphia. When I first presented the concept to station management in September of 2016, I had no idea just how successful the show would become.

What Makes Spirit In The Morning Unique?

It’s simple. We are the only Catholic radio show in the country that offers a mix of Contemporary Christian Music, Scripture and today’s leading Catholic personalities. Our goal is to lead you into a closer relationship with Jesus Christ and get you excited about being Catholic!

Who Has Appeared On The Show?

In the past year, the guests on Spirit In The Morning have included:

Fr. Larry Richards
Fr. Donald Calloway
Bear Woznick
Teresa Tomeo
Johnnette Benkovic
Dr. Ray Guarendi
Raymond Arroyo
Michael Warsaw
Fr. Mitch Pacwa
Marge Fenelon
Jimmy Akin
Tim Staples
Trent Horn
Cy Kellett
Christopher Check
Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers
Matt Swaim
Lisa Hendey
Dr. Gregory Popcak
Jacon Popcak
Anna Mitchell
Debbie Georgianni
Tony Agnesi
Fr. Edward Looney
Fr. Jim Sichko
Drew Mariani
Kelly Wahlquist
Marcellino D’Ambrosio
Tony Rossi
Fr. Jeffrey Kirby
Kevin Lowry
Marty Rotella
Christopher Bell
Fr. Frank Pavone
Jeanne Mancini
Bryan Kemper
Dr. Alveda King
Bobby Schindler
Dr. Kevin Vost
Dan Burke
Coleen Kelly Mast
Danielle Bean
Kate Wicker
Deacon Greg Kandra
Fr. Joseph Mary
Fr. Leonard Mary
Fr. Mark Mary
Fr. John Paul Mary
Sister Ann Shields
Chris Stepien
Karlo Broussard
Dr. Edward Sri
Dr. John Bergsma
Dr. Alan Schreck
Lisa Madrid Duffy
Bryan Mercier
Marybeth Hicks
Tom Peterson
Pat Gohn
Mike Aquilina
Dr. Matthew Bunson
Steve Bollman
Eric Sammons
Catherine Szeltner
Fr. Paul Scalia
Hector Molina
Chris Stewart
Fr. Thomas Dailey
Mark Poletunow
Lee Strobel
Thom Price
Jack Williams
Diana Von Glahn
Dina Dwyer-Owens
Elizabeth Scalia
Randy Hain
Sonja Corbitt
Justin Fatica
Mary Lou Rosien
Jennifer Hubbard
Jeannie Ewing
Fr. Chris Alar
Dr. Paul Kengor
Greg Willits

And that is just a PARTIAL list! The Holy Spirit has provided (and continues to provide) a “who’s who” of All Star guests on daily basis.

What’s Next?

Only the Holy Spirit knows for sure, but my goal is to continue to seek out the best guests/music possible in order to help you grow closer to the Lord. With the invaluable assistance of Dave Parker, Frank Eliason and the management of Holy Spirit Radio the future looks bright for Spirit In The Morning!

Listen to Spirit In The Morning with Gary Zimak on 1570 AM (Philadelphia/Doylestown) or 1420 AM (Coatesville). You can also listen online at HolySpiritRadio.org or TuneIn Radio

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