Sometimes The “Healthy” Are The Ones Who Need Healing


Even though I’ve never met her personally, I’ve been touched by the plight of Angela Faddis, a young wife and mother who is currently in hospice care as she battles Stage 4 colon cancer. Responding to the plea for prayers by her husband, Chris, I used my website to organize a spiritual bouquet for Angela. To date, over 34,000 Hail Marys have been prayed for her by visitors to my site. Although remaining open to the Will of God, I have been praying for a complete miraculous healing for Angela. While the Lord may still bring about that physical healing, an unexpected phenomenon is taking place. Although Angela has not been healed of her cancer, many people who are praying for her are being healed. What’s interesting is that many of them didn’t even realize that they were sick! Chris Faddis recently posted this on the Support Angela Faddis Facebook fan page:

I’ve heard from several people this week who have begun going back to Church because of Angela’s inspiration. I can’t tell humbling that is as a husband. But I want to just go ahead and encourage anyone else who is reading this page. If you are feeling a tug at your heart to pray more, or go to Mass or Church, or to go to Confession, or to begin seeking forgiveness from someone or to recommit to your relationships… whatever you are being moved to do because of Angela’s journey – PLEASE DO IT! Be not afraid!

You have no idea how much it means for us to know that God is healing other souls through our family’s journey. Angela and I will be praying for all of you who are feeling a tug to get back to Church this weekend, if you need specific prayers, please message us.

The Faddis’ Family

As Christians, we know that Jesus can heal the sick. We’ve seen many instances of this in the Bible and in our own lives. What we need to learn, however, is who the sick really are. Many times those who are seemingly healthy are the ones most in need of healing. Spiritual sickness is much worse than physical sickness because it can affect our salvation. Although we are saddened when we look at the Faddis family’s situation, much good is coming out of it.

Through her illness, this brave young women is teaching us the value of redemptive suffering. From her bed, she is instructing us in a way that far surpasses anything that can be found in a text book. By accepting his wife’s illness, Chris Faddis is reminding each of us that faith involves looking past the difficulties of life and trusting that the Lord has a better plan. If you want to learn a powerful lesson, please take a few minutes and watch the following video. Let Angela speak directly to you and then listen to singer Tom Booth as he delivers a message that we all need to hear.

This, my friends, is what faith is all about…

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3 Responses to Sometimes The “Healthy” Are The Ones Who Need Healing

  1. Robyn says:

    What a wonderful blog post.. I too watched this video and reposted it on FaceBook when Chris posted.. Angela is indeed teaching us all what faith and trust in God is all about.. I too am still praying for a complete healing for her but as always, Gods will be done… I am sure if He decides He wants Angela with Him that is what will happen.. She will be with Him and receive many many graces in heaven for her complete an total trust and love for Him and His Holy Will..

  2. Gashwin says:

    I know Ang from college. She has been such an inspiration. I was so grateful to go out to see her and her family last week. Thank you for sharing her story!

  3. Valmart says:

    Thank you so much for reminding me that our Lord is always with me during my trials. I love you, Angela. We are praying for you, my dear sweet sister. Please pray for me, Victoria, and my daughter, Alexandria, and her baby son, Joseph.

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