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Reading The Bible Daily

I was always impressed when I?d hear people say that they read the Bible daily. I couldn?t imagine having the dedication to do such a thing. From time to time, I?d pledge to start reading the Bible each day and would always stop shortly thereafter. Not too long after I?d begin, I wouldn?t know which passages to read and would eventually lose interest and stop. Recently, I discovered a method that has proven successful and quite simple.

I?ve found that the easiest way to read the Bible daily is by making use of the daily Mass readings. Publications such as The Word Among Us or The Magnificat make this process very simple. Another method is to use the online readings provided by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. For those of us who work on the computer frequently, this resource is extremely convenient. This method takes about five minutes each day, but provides unlimited benefits.

By following the daily readings, there is never a problem deciding which passages to read. There is also the added benefit of reading the Biblical texts along with the entire Church. We let the Church, guided by The Holy Spirit, choose the readings pertinent to the liturgical season.

Why not try using this simple method daily for the remaining two weeks of Lent and see what happens? I suspect that you?ll find your life changed by a personal encounter with God through His Word. After years of failure, I?ve learned that it is possible to read the Bible daily by using this approach?I bet you?ll agree!

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