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Psalm 119 And Loving God’s Law

Oh, how I love your law! It is my meditation all the day. (Ps 119:97)

Psalm 119 should be required reading for anyone who proclaims the importance of their Catholic faith, while disobeying any number of Church teachings. Pervasive relativism, watered down catechesis and a general disdain for authority have all contributed to the creation of a “feel good” Catholicism that is running rampant in today’s society. Many Catholics create and follow their own commandments which, “coincidentally”, allow them to justify any sinful actions taking place in their own lives.

A careful reading of this psalm will teach us the importance of the law to the Israelites. Learning God’s law was their way of getting to know Him better. In the same way, if we study the teachings of the Church founded by Jesus Christ, we will better understand who He is and what He expects from us.

Want to know who Jesus is and what He wants you to do in order to attain eternal life? The answer can be found in the pages of the Catechism, the Holy Bible and in the teachings of the Catholic Church!

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