Pray The Rosary For Angela Faddis


8/18/12 UPDATE: Even though my radio program aired on Friday evening, you can still listen to the podcast and pray along. It can be accessed here or in iTunes Please continue to keep Angela and her family in your prayers! Thank you and God Bless, Gary.

Angela Faddis is a young mother of 2 (and the wife of Catholic speaker and writer Chris Faddis) who is battling Stage 4 colon cancer and needs our help. From the “Support Angela Faddis” Facebook page:

We had of course hoped and prayed that perhaps this surgeon would see some possibilities, but in the end – what we got today was cold, hard reality. While it was hard to swallow, we appreciated his honesty and his candor. The bottom line is that medically speaking, Angela’s cancer is incurable and most doctors do not see a whole lot of hope for Angela – medically speaking. Essentially what he told us was that every surgical option available would most likely prove lethal for Angela.

So, what does this mean? Well as one other doctor put it, we can do chemotherapy, or we can begin looking at hospice and end of life care. This is a grim reality. They will not give a prognosis, but standard medical care with chemotherapy is said to provide a 2-5 year life extension for someone with advanced stage cancer. There are also alternative treatments out there – like some of the treatments Angela received that will also prolong life. Studies show that one of those treatments can give a 40% increase in survival time when given in combination to chemotherapy.

In all of this, we know that our true hope lies in God. It is easy to find hope in a certain treatment, or surgery or Cancer Center. It is easy to place our hope in a clinical trial or some other means, but in the end our hope is in Christ. Our faith urges us to seek healing and to never stop hoping. Our faith in Christ prompts us to pray for a miracle but also be willing to accept whatever outcome we are given. I am ready to accept God’s will – but I am also in constant prayer that God would, in his loving mercy, heal Angela and give our kids and I a long life with her.

Still, our hope ultimately rests in heaven. As Angela posted a few days ago – this journey we are all on is about a journey to heaven. Unity with God in the Trinity is our ultimate vocation and to that end, we know that no matter the outcome, God’s will be done.

“So let us confidently approach the throne of grace to receive mercy and to find grace for timely help.” Heb 4:16

With this I ask you to continue to your prayer for our family and if you see fit, beg God for a miracle on our behalf. Your intense prayer for us has been an incredible gift. How can we lose hope when we know that so many are seeking God on our behalf?

On Friday, August 17 at 8 PM Eastern, I will devote the first half of my Following The Truth radio show to praying a rosary for Angela. We know that “with God all things are possible”, so I’m asking as many people as possible to join me in praying for a miracle.

If you’d like to join me in prayer, simply click here at 8 PM Eastern Friday and the show will begin to play. You can also click on the link now and set a reminder and you will receive an email when the show is about to start. If you can’t listen live, the podcast will be available in the BlogTalkRadio archives and iTunes.

Please share this post with as many people as possible. Our sister in Christ (and her family) needs our help!

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16 Responses to Pray The Rosary For Angela Faddis

  1. Shari Boric says:

    I will offer my daily rosary for you. God bless you.

  2. Joe Ott says:

    I will certainly pray for Angela, and her family, and ask my listeners of the Rosary program I ‘m blessed to have pray for her also. A side note, I have heard asparagus is being used as a healing source? Please look into it. There was a lady years ago who used Flax- oil and yogurt which helped heal alot of people with cancer. Jay Kordich the ” JuiceMan” was healed from bladder cancer by juicing with raw vegetables, inspired by Dr. Max Gerson. Prayer, along with what Our Lord has given us naturally goes along way.

    Peace in Christ,

    Joe Ott ” Cause of Our Joy”

  3. Mary says:

    Gary – can you take the time to look into a cancer treatment called Avemar (the name is taken from ‘Ave Maria’) and if you feel inclined to do so, pass the information on to Angela? It is an all natural product derived from wheat germ….no harmful side effects. I believe it has been studied at John Hopkins and received favorable reviews. As I understand it, it speeds up cell death in cancer cells, and only in cancer cells; it prevents cancer cell from producing an enzyme or protein (not sure which) that enables them to go undetected by the body’s natural killer cells (NK cells) so that the NK cells can do their job; it all increases the production on NK cells; it prevents cancer cells from utilizing sugars so that they in essence starve to death; since the cancer cells can no longer utilize sugars, the patient quits losing weight; I believe it helps with the nausea that accompanies chemo. It seems to be a God-send. Hopefully it can help Angela. The Pilgrim Statue of Our Lady of Fatima will be visiting my parish this Sunday….I will pray to Our Lady to help Angela and her family. The lady who is the guardian of this statue was healed of colon cancer when she prayed to Our Lady when the statue visited her parish. May Our Lord grant that Angela be blessed with a long, healthy life.

  4. John Stevens says:

    I will include Angela and her family in our daily family Rosary. As a side note I am an expert in health and wellness. It has been a passion of mine for over 30 years. My advice would be to contact Dan Rogers MD. He is from San Diego but operates a clinic in Tijuana. His program is called Gerson Plus. Dr. Rogers headed the Gerson Clinic in the past. He retired, then later came out of retirement and opened his own clinic. His success with leukemia is mediocre. His success with brain cancer is not that good. His success with just about every other type of cancer is nothing short of spectacular. His results with Stage IV patients who will exactly follow his protocol is in the area of 70%. You can reach him at I would strongly suggest you avoid chemotherapy. The allopathic oncologists are correct when they say that there is very little that they can do for her. If Angela has a good 6 months before she would begin to see organ shut down she still has time for Dr. Rogers to heal her. The first thing Dr. Rogers does with a new patient is pray with them. He says that God is the healer and he (Dr. Rogers) is just the instrument that God uses. There are a number of good clinics and doctors who are defeating cancer on a natural basis. There is a clinic in Germany, a good one in Phoenix, one in NYC, one in Houston, and several in Mexico. Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez in NYC is great with pancreatic cancer. Dr. Burzynski is great with brain cancer. For Angela’s condition I believe Dr. Rogers would be just who she needs to see.

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  6. Jason says:

    Praying for you this morning Angela!

  7. M. Ferran says:
    Stanislaus Burzynski M.D. licensed medical doctor, HOUSTON TEXAS

    Watch this and make up your own mind. This doctor is licensed to practice in Houston Texas. He’s had amazing successes with end stage cancers where patients have been told by their physicians to go home and die. Unlike many practitioners who treat patients in Tijuana, this doctor has had other physicians who applaud his treatment and recommend people seek his help. He’s not cheap because the drug companies have tried to take away his license to practice and have failed in court. The FDA has spent millions of dollars trying to get him indicted and have failed. He is in clinical trials now with this amazing record of curing people with all sorts of end stage cancers and it’s worth the small price of a telephone call to find out more. I cannot urge you enough to simply give him a call about Angela’s condition. His success is not limited to brain cancer by the way.

  8. I am sorry to hear about Angela’s problems.
    Once I send this I shall go and find my Roasy Beads.
    God Bless you all
    God’s will be done
    Alvin Blossom
    West Yorkshire

  9. BB says:

    What about some prayers to Blessed Pope John Paul II? I know of two people for whom he has worked miracles.

  10. Mel Kesser says:

    I will put Angela’s name in Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers Shrine, in Bayside, New York

  11. Adelaide says:

    I will pray for ANgela.

  12. Kelly says:

    Dear Lord please be with this family. Give them the strength to go through what is needed for the the your will and glory to be done. Please wash them in the precious blood of Jesus. Amen.

    P.S. Please have them check out cesium chloride. It’s a natural element that helps to cure cancer. It’s not a big pharma thing that costs lots of money. I know a woman who was headed to hospice for her cancer and she started taking this with the Dr.’s regimen..her numbers have improved, she is moving away from the idea of hospice. Good is good, our cures are here as he said.
    God Bless,

  13. Musoke Cotilda says:

    Being far off in Uganda (Africa) wont stop me saying a prayer to Angela. I will mention her whenever I can in my Rosary. St. Theresa (The Little Flower) of the Child Jesus has just made a miracle in my life. Lets say the Glory Be to The Father as many times as we can and ask St.Theresa to be our mediator. Our Ugandan Martrys too will intercede for her.

  14. Marianne says:

    Friends at St. Leo the Great Catholic Church jointly prayed a rosary in the Youth Room for Angela today at 6:00 pm EST. May the Holy Spirit lift you up. God bless you and your family at this time.

  15. julia pride says:

    Dear Angela and Chris, I tuned into EWTN last night and caught the end of your story. I too have stage four colon cancer . It was found in 1996 and returned in 2009 on my ureter. After chemo, radiation etc. I feel better than I have in my whole life. I knew within a week of hearing the news that God cured me. I had to go through the bad stuff but I always knew that I had to pay a price for this healing. There are miracles and I am one of them. I will say a rosary daily for Angela and your family. My prayer is that God will give you and your family peace and I pray it comes in a total recovery for Angela. I will share Angela”s time with my friends. Julia



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