I Need A Miracle


Over the course of my life, I have witnessed many miracles – Meeting and marrying my wife (despite numerous obstacles), the birth of my daughters (when the doctors predicted they would die), having two of my books published by a major Catholic publisher, appearing as a regular guest on numerous network Catholic radio shows (despite having no background in radio), hosting my own nightly radio show which reaches an international audience and being given the opportunity to work as a FULL time Catholic Evangelist. Miracles are nothing new to me and I have absolutely no doubt that the Lord can perform them in my life. I need another one…

As many of you know, since January of 2012 I have worked full time (after experiencing my first job layoff) as a Catholic Evangelist. I support my family through speaking engagements, book sales and donations. In addition, I have spent approximately $100,000 of my savings to finance my ministry. As much as I would like to continue to fund my work on my own, that is now impossible. Barring any additional unforeseen expenses (such as the broken dishwasher and the physical therapy for my recently diagnosed rotator cuff tendonitis), I have enough savings to last through mid-October. Unless something changes, Following The Truth will cease to exist at that time and I will seek a new way to provide for my family.

As dire as it sounds, I’m not panicking because there is an answer and that answer is YOU!

Since so many of you have been kind enough to tell me how much you appreciate my work, especially my nightly Following The Truth radio show, I am turning to you for help. The first thing I need is your prayers…LOTS of them! Secondly, if you believe in my work and would like to see it continue, I am asking 100 of you to partner with me and become monthly sponsors of Following The Truth for $10/month. If 100 of you would pledge $10/month (33 cents/day), I will be able to continue my nightly radio show and my full time mission of sharing the “Good News” of our Catholic Faith for the foreseeable future. All you need to do is use the PayPal “Subscribe” button on the bottom of this post. If you can donate more than $10/month, I would GREATLY appreciate it, but don’t feel pressured. If 100 of you could donate $10, you could “painlessly” allow that miracle to take place and join with me to spread the gospel. Also, please be aware that you can cancel your monthly subscription at ANY time, even after one month. Although I greatly need monthly sponsors, if you’d rather make a one time contribution, that would also help. You can find the “Donate” button at the bottom of this post as well. Incidentally, you can contribute via PayPal even if you do not live in the United States. I have several monthly sponsors who live in the UK and PayPal automatically handles the currency conversion.

Since I’m asking for your financial support, I owe it to you to be as transparent as possible. I’ve already mentioned that I have spent nearly $100,000 of my own money to support my ministry (and I have no regrets), but you may wonder what my annual income is. In 2012, between book sales, speaking engagements and donations I earned $20,000. This year, I estimate that my annual earnings will be approximately $25,000. Living an extremely modest lifestyle (no vacations, rarely eating out, no sporting events, concerts or other activities), our monthly expenses are approximately $6,000 (the bulk of which is health insurance, mortgage, utilities and food). Comparing my monthly expenses to my annual income, it’s rather easy to see why I’m in a financial bind.

Another question you may have is why your donations are not tax deductible. While the short answer is that I’ve never sought tax exempt status, there is more to the story. In addition to desiring to avoid all of the expenses and complexities of becoming a 501(C)(3) corporation, I want to be able to freely speak my mind when it comes to Catholic teaching. Having tax-exempt status can limit your freedom to boldly proclaim the teachings of the Church. Additionally, when people donate to my ministry I want them to do so because they believe in my work and not because they want a tax deduction. There is no doubt that those who contribute to Following The Truth believe in my work and are not looking for a financial benefit.

In addition to asking for your financial help, I am looking for new merchandising opportunities and stepping up my efforts to book new speaking engagements at parishes and conferences. This effort is already bearing fruit, but it can be a slow and labor intensive process. Unfortunately, my monthly creditors will not wait and the bills must get paid. Please keep me in mind if you are in need of a parish speaker. My talks on anxiety have been very well received and I also speak on numerous other topics as well.

Finally, although I consider myself to be in need of a miracle, I consider obtaining 100 monthly sponsors at $10/month to be a very achievable goal. Based on the number of my daily radio listeners alone, it is totally realistic. But it is not going to happen without YOUR help. Too often we think that someone else is going to contribute or we put it off and forget about it. When we think like that (and I’m guilty of it too sometimes), nobody donates and many ministries then cease to exist. Times are hard, my friends, and many ministries and charities are hurting. At the same time, I believe (and I’m sure you do as well) that the world is in great need of hearing the “Good News” of the Catholic Faith.

The future of my ministry is very much in your hands. I will continue to do what I can do, but your financial support is necessary for my work to continue. In September, we’ll begin the 3rd annual 33 Day Preparation for Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary on my nightly radio show. If I have the financial resources to continue through October, I plan on once again doing an Advent and Lenten radio retreat (both of which were very well received in prior years). Additionally, I have started to work on 2 additional books, one of which is a step by step guide to eliminating worry from your life. There is still a great deal of work to be done and I am anxious to do it! If you believe in my work, I ask you to partner with me and help it to continue. I cannot do it alone, I need you to be a part of the Following The Truth team! If you are unable to help financially, please keep me in your prayers. Thank you and be assured that you will be in my daily prayers. If you have any questions or need my help in any way, please feel free to email me.

God Bless You!

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2 Responses to I Need A Miracle

  1. Janel Tenerelli says:

    Hi Gary,
    I wish that I could become a monthly contributor, but my husband just went back to work today from being on disability for the last 3 months. I did make a one time donation and if I can in the future, I will be glad to donate again. Thank you for remembering me in your prayers and I will continue to pray for you and your family as well. God Bless, Janel

    • Gary Zimak says:

      Thank you, Janel. I’m very grateful for your support and I’ll keep you and your family in my prayers.

      God Bless,

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