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How Is The Total Consecration Changing Your Life? UPDATED 9/13/11

Over the past couple of days, I’ve received the following comments from some of you who are participating in the 33 day preparation period leading up to Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary on October 7, 2011:

“I am so glad that the Holy Spirit moved you to offer this Consecration to our Holy Mother. It is even more special doing this in a group of people seeking to love our Lord even more.? In this fourth day I find myself having a more conscious connection and awareness of the love Jesus has for us. I am saddened at the end of the day many times when I have separated myself from God.? I have noticed that theses spaces have decreased as graces have increased or at least have been noticed by me.? How wonderful it is!? May God continue to bless your and all of us as we grow closer to Him through His beautiful mother. As you said, our Lord chose Mary,? gave us to Her and it makes perfect sense that we in turn reach out for Mary’s love for us.” (Michael R.)

“Thanks so much for encouraging us to do this! I am already reaping the blessings and benefits of this devotion.” (Peggy B.)

Even though we are only 4 days into the 33 day preparation period, people are already starting to experience changes in their lives.? That doesn’s surprise me, as I’ve heard that it will happen.? I am personally becoming more aware of my earthly attachments and trying to focus more?on heavenly treasures.

I thought it would be a good idea to create a?blog post that will act as a?journal for those?of us who are making the Total Consecration.??I invite you to comment on the changes that?you are seeing in your life as the devotion progresses.??This will act as a great evangelization tool for others who may be thinking about making the Total?Consecration in the future.??Don’t ever underesimate how the Lord can work through you to touch others.? Your comments may be the cause of someone else deciding to consecrate their life to Jesus through Mary!

Please comment as many times as you’d like, throughout and even after?your consecration is made.? No matter how small the change, how is?your life being changed?by?making the Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary?

If you are contemplating making this powerful devotion yourself, look at the comments from others who have already taken this bold step and see the fruit that Total Consecration can produce in your life.?

Please contact me with any questions at

UPDATED 9/13/11Here are a few more comments that I received after Day 9:

My name is Rosario and I have been doing the Consecration to Jesus Through Mary with you. It could not have come at a better time for me, I am going through a very difficult time in my life. I love hearing the readings doing the prayers and knowing that there?are many of us out there joined in the same prayer at for the same reason through? our blessed mother it’s just so great. When I heard you in the radio that you were going to do this I just knew that I had to join in.? Thank you so much. (Rosario)

Dear Gary,? Thank you so much for offering the Consecration online.? I have made it several times, but had to discontinue because of sight loss.? I heard your invitation via radio, and was able to follow along because of special computer software.? So far, so good.? Have read The Imitation since childhood, so was unprepared to find how much I liked the new version.? Have read your articles on New Advent with much interest, so am happy to see that I can perhaps find my way around your site.? Thanks again. Forgot to say that if anyone has a visually impaired friend, they might suggest this mode of Consecration to them. (Joan)

Gary,I try not to skip ahead and preview the reading for the day. I have noticed this last week such an increase of personal temptations.? Maybe I just realized these temptations because I had been given increase graces to oppose them when before I might have given in without a thought.??It was the perfect time to read this reading and know that the Lord has me on the right path to Him through His Mother.?? Increased and more powerful temptations/roadblocks must mean I am opposing the snares of the serpent of lies and am keeping him busy.? I will keep trying to resist and will lean on our Holy Mother?s intercession.? Keep the Faith.? I sure am grateful to be a part of this group, for where two are three are gathered in my name?. (Michael)


  1. Christine says:

    I feel that as a revert from Protestantism to Catholicism, that I am doing something great for myself by accepting Mary as I had developed a bitterness at one stage about veneration to Mary, I think it must of been the Protestant influence. I love the fact that I am now starting to more freely love Mary and accept that she can be my spiritual mother and intercede for me. God bless you all 🙂

  2. Sherry Maghsoodloo says:

    Thank you for helping me to be more aware of “rattling off prayers”. It raised my conciousness to realize that I’m talking to our heavenly Father, Jesus and Mary. I indeed was guilty of doing that because I was going to make sure I did my prayers each day. Now, I’m seeing that I’m spending time with the Creator of the universe. My heart is softening once again. It happens in Gods on good time. My will is His will for me. My heart is open and wanting to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

  3. Mary Ann says:

    I sense the prayers of those who are journeying with me toward total consectration. In addition, I am experiencing the presence of Our Blessed Virgin Mary accompanying me along this path. It fills me with deep joy.

  4. David says:

    I seems like Satan was attacking me last week on this journey towards consecration. I pray for each of you making this consecration with me and humbly ask you to do the same, that we may all persevere in this endeavor to be ever close to Jesus.

  5. Anne says:

    Thank you, Gary, for this valuable consecration. I can relate to David’s feeling of being attacked by the Evil One as we journey toward being closer to Our Lord and Our Lady. Since I started praying outside an abortion mill 3 years ago with 40 Days for Life, I’ve found my concentration levels go way down whenever I’m doing my daily prayers, especially the Rosary. All sorts of distractions arise while I’m praying, but I think we just have to “keep on keeping on” with them and doing these consecrations to help us on the path to holiness.
    I also prefer the Thomas a Kempis translation of the St. Louis de Montfort prayers. I’m all for whatever helps us concentrate on Heaven, and as a translator myself (albeit not a literary one), I can really appreciate the differences between translations in terms of what works best for a certain readership.
    Keep up the good work, and God bless you and your wonderful ministry!

  6. michelle captain says:

    Wow! What a week! I have never been so distracted and pushed by the evil one as I have been this week!! I really want to thank you, Gary so very much for doing this, I can not even tell you after the day I have had today, sin, sin,sin!! I have been angry ALL day! I took it all hook, line and sinker and lost it! Anyway, just want to thank you for doing this consecration, I could not wait to get to my bedroom, the kids settled into their homework, and plug into the prayers!! It has literally saved me today! THANK YOU!!! Keep up the good work, now, I need to work on ANGER and learn to say, BLESSED BE TO GOD WHEN I FEEL THE evil ONE TRYING TO WORK ON ME AND PRAY TO MARY TO HELP ME BE NOT SO EASY TO ANGER! Maybe I should say, Be it done unto me according to thy word, will….I try to embrace this sorrow, pain, struggle that I have to make me closer to the Lord, today I fell, But tonight I am refreshed! So tomorrow is another day and now I am listening to Gloria, The Daughters of Mary- A day in the Cloister 🙂 Now I feel close to God and My Heavenly Mother, Mary….. Oh AND yes Mommy, (Sherry) I did my readings for the day before I begun the podcast:)<3 U!
    Thank you again Gary, GOD BLESS YOU AND ALL YOU DO!

  7. brooke says:

    I too have been attacked and feel angry all day for no reason…..4th day of prayers. He is trying to distract us and hoping we give up.Not going to happen.

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