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Happy 13th Birthday, Mary and Elizabeth!

The picture above was taken at the Cistercian Monastery rosary garden and features my daughters, Mary and Elizabeth, posing with statues of their famous namesakes. This is one of our favorite family destinations. The girls love to walk around the garden and comment on the statues which depict each of the mysteries of the rosary.

As I do most days, I paid a visit to the rosary garden today and it was quiet?very quiet. While the peaceful serenity normally allows me to better converse with the Lord and meditate upon the rosary mysteries, today?s visit was marked by an unusual mixture of sadness and gratitude. I remembered the last time that Eileen and I took the girls to the garden and what a happy time it was. The quietness became almost deafening as I walked along the familiar garden path recalling how Mary and Elizabeth skipped, laughed, talked about the mysteries and even created some dialog between the statues. I started to think about all of the pleasure that the girls bring to our lives and how lonely we would be without them. My sadness turned to gratitude and I thanked the Lord for the gift of Mary and Elizabeth.

Thirteen years ago on this day, Eileen and I welcomed Mary and Elizabeth into the world. Many of you are already familiar with the story of how the girls were not expected to be born alive, but they defied the odds (and the doctors? predictions) and today are healthy and beautiful young ladies. As a father, I couldn?t be prouder of the girls. They are kind, loving and always try to do what?s right. In today?s world that?s not always easy, but as long as they stay close to Jesus and turn to their famous namesakes for help they?ll continue to do just fine.

Happy 13th Birthday, Mary and Elizabeth and thanks for bringing such happiness to our lives?We love you!!!

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  1. Ritaestelle says:

    The love for your daughters really shines through every word Gary! Happy Birthday to them and God bless all of you!!!!

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