Give Up Worry for Good Week 7, Day 5

A man’s mind plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps. (Proverbs 16:9)

I’m a planner and I like it when everything works out according to my plans. Maybe it’s my background as a software developer or maybe it’s just my desire to be in control, but I like my life to unfold the way I planned it. Fortunately, however, God loves me too much to let that happen.

Here’s what I wrote in Give Up Worry For Good

God is all powerful. He can do anything. In addition, he can prevent things from happening. You can rest assured that the events in your life have been approved by the Lord. He doesn’t will evil, of course, but he does allow it to happen. Whether we realize it or not, he is constantly directing our steps. We can “hear” his voice through the daily circumstances of life. Although it can be very challenging, learning to listen to him in this manner can be very beneficial.

I pray that my thick head will one day understand that my all-powerful and all-loving Heavenly Father knows what’s best for me. Every time He says “no” or disrupts my carefully made plans, I have an opportunity to surrender to His will and acknowledge that He knows best.

Thank you for disrupting my plans, Father. I know you want what’s best for me. Sometimes I don’t know what that is. I surrender.

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