Give Up Worry for Good Week 1, Day 3

Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth. (Colossians 3:2)

Once we make the decision to give up worry, our next step is to make the commitment to focus more on Jesus than on our problems. Congratulations! By choosing to be a part of this Give Up Worry For Good program, you’re doing just that. Does this mean that we should ignore our problems? No! It means that we should ask the Lord to help us with them.

Here’s what I wrote in Give Up Worry For Good

This does not mean you should ignore the problems in your life. It means you should let God help you to handle them. Most of us who are anxious by nature like to be in control. When we face a situation that is beyond our control, we often begin to worry. How can we overcome this? We begin by recognizing that the Lord, who truly is in control, wants to be part of our lives and help us. He doesn’t expect us to handle the challenges of life alone. Rather, he wants us to do what we can and ask for his assistance with the heavy lifting.

As we continue our journey, let’s try to remember that God is totally in control of our lives. Even though we can’t see Him with our eyes, we can “see” Him with the eyes of our faith. Today, let’s do our best and trust God to do the rest.

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