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Finding Strength In Weakness

The world tells us that power and success go hand in hand. If we are to succeed in life, we need to be powerful. Money, fame and the ability to stand up for oneself are all ways to achieve success in this life. In the Second Reading from today?s Mass, however, St. Paul tells us that his strength comes from weakness (2 Cor 12:7-10). How is that possible? Has Paul taken leave of his senses?

Paul?s statement actually makes perfect sense, if we acknowledge one important fact: Without God?s help we would not be able to accomplish anything. Many times we fool ourselves into thinking that we are responsible for our success in this life. We sometimes attribute it to hard work and strong drive, but fail to give any credit to The Lord. While our hard work is important and expected, without God?s help we wouldn?t be take a single breath, put together a coherent thought or move our arms and legs!

On the flip side, we sometimes ?sell ourselves short? and feel that we don?t have the necessary skills to accomplish a particular task. We forget that, with God?s help, we can perform tasks far beyond our capabilities. Mother Angelica founded the incredibly successful EWTN Catholic television and radio network despite having no technical knowledge in that area. How was this possible? She felt the call to establish the operation and knew that God would help. And He did! God?s strength was able to compensate for her lack of technical expertise. She received the proper resources and today EWTN broadcasts the ?Good News? all over the world.

For a long time I felt a desire to proclaim the Gospel over the Internet, but I had no web design experience or funds. I finally decided to give it a try and eight months later The Catholic Truth has a website, blog, monthly newsletter and a Facebook fan page. We have reached people in 82 different countries and are adding new followers every day. While I still get nervous at times, I trust that God will help me if He wants our apostolate to succeed. If that thinking is good enough for St. Paul, Mother Angelica and countless others ? it?s good enough for me!

Have you ever felt God?s call to accomplish a task, but felt you lacked the necessary skills or resources? Did you try praying, in the hopes that God will turn your weakness into strength or did you just give up? If God is truly asking you to accomplish something, He will not leave you abandoned. He may just be waiting for you to ask for help. Give it a try today and see what wonders The Lord can accomplish in your life!

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  1. rachael says:

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