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Don’t Stop Praying!

“God’s going to get sick of hearing from me.? I better stop bothering Him.”

“What’s the use…God never answers my prayers.”

While the above quotes represent two completely opposite?reasons for ceasing to pray, they share one thing in common…they’re wrong!

As illustrated by the parable of the Friend at Midnight (Lk 11:5-13), the Lord wants us to be persistent in prayer.? We should never feel that God?is “sick of us asking for things”.? Likewise, we shouldn’t stop praying for something because the Lord didn’t respond quickly enough.? As I mentioned on my radio show tonight, if St. Monica had stopped praying for her son Augustine, the Church would have been deprived of one of her greatest theologians!

Jesus loves each of us with an infinite love and wants us to speak to Him every day.? He wants us to turn to Him for our needs and enjoys hearing from us, even when we ask for the same thing each day.? As our relationship with the Lord grows, it would probably be a good idea to mix in a few “Thank you’s” and “Thy Will be done’s” with our numerous requests, but?don’t ever stop praying!

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