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Does Divine Mercy Apply To Bin Laden?

I am probably in the minority this morning, but I am saddened by the news that has unfolded over the past 12 hours.  As an American, I fully understand the tragedy that occurred in New York on 9/11 and I grieve for everyone who was affected by that horrible act of terror.  However, as a Catholic and an unworthy recipient of Jesus’ Divine Mercy, I have compassion for a fellow soul who may be condemned to hell. What also saddens me is the joy and celebration by many Christians over the death of a man who quite possibly could be facing eternal damnation.

Yesterday, the Catholic Church celebrated the feast of Divine Mercy.  It was a day set aside to recall Our Lord’s tremendous mercy poured forth on all mankind.  Hitler, Hussein, Bin Laden, Judas…there are no exceptions.  Jesus is merciful to everyone and “wants all men to be saved” (1 Tm 2:3-4).  As a Catholic, I must also love all of my brothers and sisters, despite their sinfulness.  The Lord has stated that if we do not show mercy toward others, we cannot expect it in return (MT 18:21-35).
I am going to pray a Divine Mercy chaplet for the repose of the soul of Usama Bin Laden.  Anyone care to join me?


  1. Christie says:

    Thank you Gary! I felt the exact same way yesterday. This was announced on the feast of Divine Mercy of all days. I don't think that was a coincidence. I think it is a reminder from our Lord that the message of mercy applies to everyone. I did pray for Bin Laden last night. I will join you in praying a the Divine Mercy chaplet today for him and for the others killed along with him.

  2. Ritaestelle says:

    You are not alone Gary. I feel the same way and you said it better than I could have.

  3. Mary Ann B. says:

    This is profound that Osama died on Divine Mercy Sunday. What is the message? Is God trying to tell us, "Yes, everyone is acceptable to My Divine Mercy!" I was not joyous that he died yesterday, but he was allowed to surrender and he chose not too. I'm torn on what happened. I too am praying for him and all involved.

  4. Anonymous says:

    When I heard it last night the first thing I said was Lord rest his soul accept him into your kingdom. This morning I told a guy we have no clue where his soul is it's up to the Lord not us. I've been on the anger receiving side of others when they hear me say things like that. I guess I just have a habit of praying for those that most don't or won't because they've condemned the person and I won't because it's not my job that job is Gods.

  5. Tim says:

    I'm with you both, Gary and Christie. From the standpoint of justice, he needed to be stopped. But the revelry I see some folks displaying for a soul who very likely suddenly stepped into eternal darkness, I can't get on-board with that for some reason.

  6. Trib times says:

    I am so glad to see that I was not the only one to feel so saddened at the outbursts of joy at this sad man's death. It seemed to me that seeing all of those loyal Americans rejoicing at his death was not so different than those radical Moslem's that rejoiced at our American deaths. It made me feel so sad. I found myself praying for his soul this morning and not really knowing what to pray other than to ask God for His mercy on Bin laden's soul. In our family of God, he is our brother.

  7. Anonymous says:

    This will have a fallout against Christians.. We should pray for Peace and for his soul..

  8. angel says:

    thanks for putting my thoughts into words, gary! i thought i was the only weirdo who felt this way! so sad, we humans are! will we ever learn? angel

  9. Maria says:

    I am not going to be a hypocrite and tell u that I was not happy about his death because for a moment I was celebrating his death.
    But as a good practicing Catholic Christian I felt bad about that and asked God to help me feel different and pray for his soul yes asking God for His mercy.
    I am trying hard.

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