Determining God’s Will In Your Life (According To Mother Angelica)

People often ask me, “How do you know whether something is God’s Will in your life?”? I say, “Ask me next year, and then we’ll know whether it was God’s Will.”

The Lord isn’t going to come down and say, “Now, look sweetie, I want you to do this little thing for me.”? He’s not going to do that.? He gave you a brain.? He gave you a memory, an intellect, a will.? Do you realize that if you’re a Christian, you have Sanctifying Grace in you?? The Holy Spirit is in you.? Pray.? Move forward in His grace, and you will discover His Will for you.?

(Mother Angelica, from Mother Angelica’s Little Book of Life Lessons and Everyday Spirituality, ?2007? by Doubleday Publishing)

One of the most difficult struggles for Christians is determining God’s Will in our lives.? We want to do what God wants us to, but how do we know for sure what “it” is?? One of my?favorite sources of wisdom?on this topic is?Mother Angelica, the foundress of the EWTN Global Catholic Network.? Throughout her life, Mother has trusted in God even when it didn’t make sense.? Despite having no experience in broadcasting, she felt that God was calling her to start a television network and she did just that!? ?

When I read?Mother’s quote, the main thing that hits me is the fact that sometimes you just have to try things, even when you’re not sure it’s what God wants.??If we feel moved to do something, pray about it and still feel moved to do it, we should probably “go for it”.

You can be sure that?the Lord will?let you know if you made the wrong move.? Even then, God specializes in bringing good out of everything…

even our mistakes!

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