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Today’s feast of The Baptism of the Lord brings the Christmas Season to an end. Tomorrow, we resume the liturgical season referred to as Ordinary Time. Before shifting our focus away from Our Lord’s birth, I recommend that we spend a few minutes contemplating what He did for each of us. The Son of God became one of us, so that we can one day go to Heaven. This involved suffering, humiliation and rejection by those He came to save.

Despite being sinless, Jesus humbled Himself and submitted to John’s baptism of repentance. He did this to transform Baptism into a Sacrament and to fully become one of us. By acting in this way, he reminds us of importance of humility in our lives. Our Lord’s humility would continue throughout His public ministry, culminating with His death on a Cross.

Whatever humiliations or sufferings that we endure pale by comparison. Let’s ask Jesus for the help to willingly accept the humiliations that come our way and thank Him for becoming one of us so that we can become sons and daughters of God!

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