Attention, Catholics…Quit Complaining And DO SOMETHING!


As Catholics, we’re very good at complaining. We complain about our priests, bishops and deacons being too lax or too strict. We complain about the teachings of the Church being too hard to follow. We complain when we’re asked to contribute to the support of the Church. We also complain about President Obama and his administration’s anti-Catholic policies.

I have to admit that yesterday’s decision by the Supreme Court upholding President Obama’s Affordable Health Care plan was painful. However, nothing that this administration does should come as a surprise. President Obama is a supporter of abortion, same sex “marriage” and his HHS mandate makes clear what he thinks about freedom of religion. What boggles my mind is how any Catholic can be surprised by anything this administration does. What’s even more mind-boggling is how any Catholic (and there were many) voted for him, knowing of his support for abortion alone!

While we may feel frustrated and defeated, complaining and belittling Obama and his Catholic “partners in crime” (Pelosi, Biden, Sebelius, John Roberts) isn’t really going to do any good. Complaining about your priests, deacons and bishops not speaking out is also not very productive. Rather than simply complaining, let’s look at some PRODUCTIVE steps that every Catholic could and should do:

1. Vote like a Catholic! – Anyone who tries to tell you that faith and politics don’t mix is flat out wrong. If we are not voting based on our Catholic principles, then we are NOT living our Catholic Faith. And that is a BIG problem. Our vote should be an expression of our Faith. Casting the other issues aside for a moment, any Catholic who votes for a candidate who supports the legal MURDER of the unborn could be putting their salvation in serious jeopardy. While I have no right to judge anyone’s motivation, I would not want to appear before the Lord (upon my death) and attempt to justify why I voted for a candidate who supports abortion!

2. Pray – While we do not know how or why prayer works, we know that it does. Turning to the Bible, we see that Our Lord prayed on many occasions. In his letters, St. Paul frequently urged his readers to pray and often did so himself. Prayer is effective! We should pray every day for an end to abortion and for God’s Will to be done on earth. Yes, the world is a dark place…yes, there is much evil taking place every day, but we can’t just sit back and complain. We have to pray!

3. Learn the Teachings of the Church – As Catholics, one of our biggest weaknesses is not knowing the teachings of the Church. Far too many Catholics simply go through the motions and don’t understand their faith. How can we live out our Catholic Faith when we don’t understand it? Furthermore, how can we share the teachings of the Church with others if we’re in the dark? I guarantee that, if you approach it with an open mind, studying why the Church teaches as she does will reveal something shocking…the Church is always right!

4. Speak Out! – When our co-workers speak of the beauty of same sex “marriage” or the “right to choose” to murder the unborn, we shouldn’t remain silent. In addition to knowing why the Church teaches as she does, we MUST defend her teachings. I refuse to believe that most abortion supporters know what the practice involves. One would have to be cold and barbaric to condone the cold blooded murder of a child. As knowledgeable Catholics, it is up to us to share the truth with others. Sure, we have to be charitable, but we need to let people know the truth. There are many abortion and same sex “marriage” supporters in the world who would change their position if they knew exactly what they were supporting. We need to be a light in the darkness and proclaim the “Good News” to the world!

5. Get Involved – There are many ways for us to get involved in combating these threats to our beliefs. Praying outside of abortion clinics, volunteering at crisis pregnancy centers, contributing to pro-life charities, circulating petitions in defense of the family are all productive ways to combat the evil in the world. Instead of simply griping about “the world being crazy”, it’s time to get involved!

Above all, remember to stay positive (in spite of what you may be feeling). The Lord knows what He’s doing. While we may not understand why evil exists, we do know that God permits it to happen. One of the reasons is due to the gift of free will. God will never force anyone to follow His Will. Rather, He allows us to choose good or to choose evil. As evidenced by the crucifixion, God can always bring good out of evil. Therefore, don’t become discouraged, keep fighting the good fight, stop complaining and…


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  1. Jacob Nassarian says:

    As we know, by being Catholic, we belong to God. Let’s ask ourselves one question. Is God with us, or against us? My answer, as God taught me, is that He IS with us. Remeber, what belongs to Ceasar belongs to Ceasar, and what belongs to God, belongs to God. Liberty belongs to us; Freedom is our Religion; the flag of the nation, and the land, belongs to God. As a victorious Christian, we have the Cup of Salvation, and we have the Body of Christ, and the Power of the Holy Spirit is ours as a gift from God. Jesus said, “Suffer not the children to come unto me, because the kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these.” This is a command. This is a rule, and this is the Truth.
    The nation that does not live by the laws and rules of God, will pay consequences. Who calls our God not just, should know that He IS the Justice, and He IS the ruler and Judge of this world. Jesus IS the ONLY Salvation. And to those who do not live by His Grace, they will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven. We need to pray for these blind nations. And the people in those nations who do not believe in our Lord Jesus Christ, I give you my word, as Jesus said “Heaven and earth will pass away, but the Word of God will never pass away. Those murderers who take the body and kill it; their soul will pay a price for it; not the tail, but the head of the snake, who gives them authority to do so. To those who are against the rule of God, God will rule over them. And He Himself will prove that God made Adam and Eve, not John and Steve. “Amen, Amen, I say to you, the judgement of God is at hand”, and abortion and gay marriage, is the sign of destruction, evil, and viciousness of humanity, to come against what God created, and the gifts He gave us to live by. I pray to God, that He open their minds, and heal their hearts, and spare their souls to eternal life.
    If God is with us, who is against us? By the Power of His Holy Cross, soon, He will redeem the world. To know the difference between good and evil, God said”Thou shalt not kill.” If you know what God meant with that, you would never harm anyone. God made Adam and Eve from the beginning, and His Judgment will be on men and women. The Lord is Good, and He is merciful and gracious to those who are precious to His Heart. And to those who vote against God’s Laws, and they put it on paper in ink, and sign their signature on it, before they do that, they need to know, that they sign their own sentence. They sealed their own evil in their own hand. Think about it 10 times before you do it, and remember the days of Lot, because the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. May God bless America and make us a holy nation under God.

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