And So We Wait…

For many of us, waiting can be difficult. It doesn?t matter if we?re stuck in traffic, sitting in a doctor?s office or growing frustrated that our prayers are not being answered ? it is not easy to wait. But, while it can be difficult, we can learn to appreciate the value of waiting. The secret lies in understanding that sometimes God wants us to slow down so He can teach us something.

Today, we begin the season of Advent. It is, you guessed it, a time of waiting. Although it seems like a foreign concept in today?s fast paced world, it is a time when we are invited to pause and prepare our hearts to enter into a deeper relationship with Jesus. Buying gifts, making cookies and arranging parties can all be good things, but Advent is designed for much more.

So what can we do to prepare? Attending daily Mass (even once each week in addition to Sunday), reading the daily Mass readings, setting aside some extra time for prayer each day or going to confession are all things that we can do to prepare for the coming of Jesus. It may require us to step away from the computer or turn off the TV or radio, but it can be done. Even five minutes each day will be beneficial.

Don?t let this day pass without making a commitment to do something this Advent.

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