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A Tale Of Two Lives

On Monday, I was stunned to hear of the sudden death of Lou, a former co-worker and friend who died Friday at the age of 46. Today, I learned of the death of my neighbor, Alma, who died yesterday at the age of 88 after a series of illnesses. The reaction of most people would be that Lou died ?too soon? and that Alma lived ?a good long life?. But is that really a true statement?

In 1997, I heard an excellent homily by Msgr. James McGovern at Our Lady of Good Counsel Church in Moorestown, NJ. He was speaking about the recent deaths of Mother Teresa and Princess Diana and made the point that while one died young and one died old, that was what was supposed to happen. ?Some people are tall and some are short, some are thin and some are heavy, some die young and some die old?, said Msgr. McGovern. In other words, God really is in charge?people don?t die too soon or live too long.

While it?s difficult to understand why a 46 year old husband would be taken suddenly from his wife and children, it?s also difficult to understand why the Son of God would be murdered on a cross. Sometimes it?s ok to not understand. We aren?t God and shouldn?t try to figure everything out. Sometimes things just don?t make sense.

Please say a prayer for the repose of the soul of Lou and Alma and for the families that they leave behind. Even though they lived a different number of years, both were very good people and their deaths leave a void in many lives.

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