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A Great Day In Philly

Today I had the pleasure of visiting the Archdiocese of Philadelphia and meeting with Donna Farrell, the Director of Communications.? As someone who grew up and lived in the City of Brotherly Love for most of my life, this was really an honor.? Even though I now live in New Jersey, I’ll always be a “Philly Guy” at heart!?

Donna and I spoke discussed ways that we could possibly work together to bring the “Good News” of our Catholic Faith to an even larger audience.? I got to visit the Archdiocesan chapel, which was renovated?under Cardinal Rigali’s leadership.? We met in the Cardinal Foley room, named after the familiar voice of countless Midnight Masses on TV (and who’s currently battling leukemia and could use your prayers).? We discussed how the Archdiocese is using social media to meet the people “where they are”.

And you know what?? I got the same good?feeling that I got when I toured the Miraculous Medal Shrine a few weeks ago.? Donna and her staff are good people who really care about their duties.? It’s obvious that this is not just “a job” for them, but a vocation.? These are difficult times for Catholic dioceses and they could?use your prayers.??Mistakes have been made,?apologies issued, people are hurting.? However, we can’t ever forget that the bishops are the modern day Apostles and they have one of the most difficult jobs imaginable.

Knowing how dedicated these folks at the Archdiocese of Philadelphia?are, I’d like to suggest that you follow them on Facebook and Twitter.? In addition, Cardinal Rigali also has his own Facebook fan page.? Please keep our friends at the Philadelphia Archdiocese,?our bishops?and all?diocesan workers in your prayers, as theirs can be a very difficult job!


  1. angel says:

    So glad you enjoyed a good visit Gary! I am a volunteer ambassador at the cathedral one day per month. We greet and offer hospitality to the many visitors that come by to pray and check out the architecture and artwork. I especially am impressed by all the “out-of-towners” from other countries and religions!

    1. Gary Zimak says:

      Angel – I think it’s great that you volunteer at the Cathedral! I wish I had a chance to visit it while I was at the Archdiocesan offices. I was there many years ago, but I don’t remember too much about it.

      God Bless,

  2. Gary – Your visit with the Archdiocese sounds like it was wonderful! I am not surprised, Philadelphia is very lucky to have people like Donna Farrell working with the Archdiocese to help keep the communications working and the good news spreading.

    Donna and I have become friends over these past 4 years. She has been invaluable to the us at the Miraculous Medal, promoting our devotion to Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal and all of the wonderful Catholic devotions here every chance she gets.

    Thank you for taking a look at the Archdiocese and talking about the beauty and dedication of the Catholic faith here in Philadelphia. It is a wonderful place to live an great place to be a “child of God”.

    Blessings to you, Lizanne

    1. Gary Zimak says:

      Hi Lizanne – As Donna was showing me the chapel (even though she was running late for a meeting, I might add!), I mentioned how I got the same “special feeling” when I visited with you at the Miraculous Medal Shrine. She then told me that the two of you were friends and we spent some time talking about your many talents! I have been blessed to meet both of you and see your dedication to serving the Lord. You have both inspired me to “keep on keepin’ on”, even when I’m feeling tired and burned out. You know what’s really funny? When you offered to give me a tour of the shrine, I thought that’s all it would be, but it turned into something much more important. While I was there with you, I felt Our Lady calling me to get closer to her. Even though I’ve been wearing a Miraculous Medal for years, my devotion to Mary was lacking. Since that day at the Shrine, I’ve been praying the Miraculous Medal Novena daily and asking Our Blessed Mother to intercede for me. And you know what? My love for my Mother has grown and we’re back to being close again! Thank you for that gift!!!

      Let’s keep in touch and please let me know if there’s ever anything I can do for you and the folks at the Miraculous Medal Shrine.

      God Bless,

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