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A Courageous Mother Saves Her Children

You may have heard the story of 29 year old Rachel Crossland, who just prior to undergoing surgery to remove an aggressive tumor, was informed that she was pregnant with twins. She made the courageous and selfless decision to forego chemotherapy and radiation, in order to spare the lives of her children. The British woman comments, ?By then I was 13 weeks into my pregnancy and there was no way I could deal with getting rid of my babies and having to then fight cancer. That was the turning point and I decided I would take a chance.?

The doctors were able to remove the tumor and at 32 weeks she delivered the babies (Saffron and Poppy) by emergency caesarean. After giving birth she began the necessary chemotherapy and radiation treatments. She is now home recovering with her husband and children.

So many times we hear support for abortion ?if the mother?s life is in danger?. Look at the beautiful babies in the above picture: they are alive today because of their mother?s love. She knew that her life was in danger and, not only refused to have an abortion ? she refused to have medical treatment that would endanger the lives of her children. Our Lord tells us, ?No one has greater love than this, to lay down one’s life for one’s friends? (Jn 15:13) and this is exactly what this woman did for her children.

This case proves that only God knows whether an ?at risk? mother will die. However, we do know that whenever abortion is chosen ?
the baby always dies.

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