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Urgent Prayer Request ? Unborn Baby With Heart Failure!

I received an email from a friend asking for urgent prayers for a 30 week old unborn child who is suffering from congestive heart failure. He is currently scheduled for in-utero surgery on Friday, August 21. The original note from the child?s father appears below. I ask you to please keep Christian and his family in your prayers and please spread the word!

Our son, Christian Raymond Campuzano, has been diagnosed with a severe heart defect at 30 weeks in-utero. The pregnancy due date is October 15, 2009. He is currently in heart failure and the doctors are offering us very little hope. We are praying for his complete healing through Blessed Brother Andre, a Holy Cross brother from Canada who is up for canonization to sainthood.

Prayer for the healing of baby Christian through the intercession of Blessed Brother Andre:
Lord, you have chosen Blessed Brother Andre, to spread devotion to St. Joseph and to minister to all those who are afflicted. Through his intercession, grant us the favor which we are now requesting, the healing of baby Christian?s heart. We also pray that the Church may canonize Brother Andre as soon as possible. Grant us the grace to imitate his piety and his charity so that, with him, we may share the reward promised to all those who care for their neighbor because of their love for you. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.


  1. Jesus TheProphet says:

    Rejoice, have faith, and look for the miracle, Its coming!


  2. Anonymous says:

    I am praying for you, likewise my baby at 26 weeks in utero has cystic kidneys which are not working and underdeveloped lungs, there is nothing medicine can do… We pray together for our children that they be healed. Hail Mary….

  3. pat says:

    dear jesus help a lttle baby not born yet the parents want the baby so much they have lost two already mum started bleedng last evenng twenty weeks gone. please hear my prayer beg you.

  4. Antonio says:

    Please prayer For our unborn 5 month sick baby who we are being told will not survive due to enlarge kidneys, no bladder and low fluid in the womb. No result is finalized without God’s concent. Please please pray for our baby! God bless you!

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