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The Transfiguration?The Hope Of Things To Come

Here in Southern New Jersey, we?ve been experiencing some great ?Spring-like? weather over the past few days. After having a snowstorm earlier in the week, temperatures in the mid-50?s feel like summer. This morning I was awakened by the sound of a bird singing outside and immediately thought of the Transfiguration of Our Lord, in which Peter, James and John were given a glimpse of Jesus in His Heavenly glory. But what does a bird have to do with the Transfiguration?

The bird singing through the open bedroom window gave me a foretaste of the warm weather that we?ll be experiencing in a few months. Even though we are still in the season of winter, I saw a glimpse of the ?hope? of warmer weather. In a few days, it will probably be cold again, but I know that Spring is on the way. In the Transfiguration, after telling the Apostles about the suffering that is a necessary part of His salvific mission, Jesus allows them to see a foretaste of what awaits them in Heaven.

Life is difficult and Jesus makes it very clear that suffering is an essential part of the Christian life (Lk 9:23). However, if we hold out and ?finish the race?, we have the possibility of eternal life in Heaven. That?s why it?s sometimes important to contemplate the Heavenly promise. It helps us to stay on the right path and avoid sin in the hope of spending eternity in perfect happiness with God.

Even though I didn?t know it at the time, the gospel from today?s Mass was about ?the Transfiguration (Mk 9:2-10). I love it when things like this happen?don?t you? Thank you, Lord, for giving me a little glimpse of what awaits me if I follow your commandments. I?ll use the remainder of Lent to look for ways to follow you closer!

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