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The Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit ? Piety

The gift of Piety allows us to relate to God as our Father and the rest of mankind as our brothers and sisters. It helps us to see everyone as a child of God. Through this gift, the Holy Spirit teaches us to have a childlike relationship with God the Father. It also helps us to understand that God always wants what is best for His children.

According to St. Thomas Aquinas, piety also helps us to have a childlike love for our Blessed Mother, the angels, saints and the souls in purgatory. In an earthly sense, it also helps us love the Pope, our parents and those who are in positions of lawful authority over us. Overall, the gift of piety gives us a desire to please God in all things and helps our prayer to become more affectionate. If your prayer life ever becomes dry and cold, it would be wise to pray for an increase in this gift.

Tomorrow is the solemnity of The Immaculate Conception of Mary and we?ll take a break from discussing the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Please make it a point to attend Mass, not only because it is a holy day of obligation, but also because it makes Jesus very happy when you honor His mother!

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