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The Passion Of The Lord ? What Role Do You Play?

In today?s Palm Sunday gospel, we listened to St. Mark?s account of Jesus? Passion. In this powerful story, there are many characters mentioned. The majority of these individuals don?t end up looking very good. Today?s question is…

To whom do you relate?

The woman with the alabaster jar who anoints Jesus?

Judas Iscariot, the betrayer of Jesus?

Simon Peter, who denies Jesus 3 times?

James and John, who (along with Peter) can?t stay awake to comfort Jesus?

Pilate, who despite finding no fault with Christ, yields to the wishes of the mob?

The soldiers, who spit on and mocked The Lord?

The crowd, who cried ?crucify Him!??

Simon of Cyrene, who was forced to assist Jesus?

The centurion, who was the only person to acknowledge Jesus as the Son of God?

Joseph of Arimathea, who courageously asked Pilate for the body of Jesus?

The young man, who followed Jesus, but fled naked when grabbed by the soldiers?

The 2 thieves crucified with Jesus, who were indeed guilty?

When we look at ourselves honestly, we find that we possess many of the same traits as the individuals in this narrative. There are times when we don?t speak out in defense of our Catholic Faith, possibly even denying our beliefs to avoid ridicule. There are also times when, despite the best of intentions, we simply don?t do the right thing.

During the upcoming Holy Week, why not try to make amends for some of the shortcomings in your life? If you need additional motivation, read the Passion narrative again, remembering that Jesus suffered and died a horrible death for our sins (not His own). You and I are responsible for putting Him on that cross.

I don?t know about you, but that fact sure makes me want to be a better person.

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