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Thank God It?s Monday!

Have you ever noticed how many people grumble about Mondays? Around the office, complaints about the weekend being too short and cries of ?Is it Friday yet?? abound. Instead of being thankful for each new day given to us by God, many people ?sleepwalk? through the week and anticipate the start of the weekend.

Unfortunately, this lack of appreciation for God?s gifts is nothing new. In Numbers 11:4-6, the Israelites complained about the Lord?s gift of manna and lamented for the fish, cucumbers, melons, leeks and onions that they used to eat while still slaves in Egypt. Instead of rejoicing in their newly found freedom, they complained that their food didn?t taste good!

We have been freed from the slavery of sin by Our Lord, Jesus Christ. If that isn?t cause for rejoicing than nothing is! Every new day that is given to us by The Lord is a means for expressing our appreciation for that freedom.

Thank you Jesus, for the opportunity to serve You this Monday and every day!

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