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Pentecost Sunday ? A Great Day To Be Catholic!

Today is an exciting day, as we celebrate Pentecost Sunday, when the promised Holy Spirit descended on Mary, the Apostles and the disciples of Jesus. It is a good day to be thankful for the gift of the Holy Spirit and for our Catholic Faith.

How important is the Holy Spirit in our lives? Do you recall how the Apostles never seemed to grasp Jesus? teachings or how they fled (with the exception of John) when Our Lord was crucified? That?s an example of humanity without the assistance of the Holy Spirit. Once the Spirit was sent, these men were transformed. At the request of Jesus, they became the leaders of the early Church. According to tradition, they were all martyred for the Faith, with the exception of John who miraculously survived being boiled in oil! That?s what the Holy Spirit, who we receive in Baptism and Confirmation, can do.

The Holy Spirit also ensures the infallibility of Catholic Church. While that doesn?t imply that the Church is comprised of perfect people (which we know isn?t the case), it does mean that the doctrinal teachings of the Church are protected from error. This fulfills the words of Our Lord who promised to send the Holy Spirit (Jn 14:16) and assured the Apostles that they could teach authoritatively in His name (Mt 28:20, Lk 10:16, Mt 10:40, Jn 13:20). This practice continues today with the infallible teaching of their successors: The Holy Father and the Bishops.

Today let?s thank God for the gift of the Holy Spirit, whose presence leads us closer to Christ and ultimately will guide us to Heaven if we remain faithful to the Church?s teaching.

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