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Mary & Mother Angelica: What If They Said ?No??

While viewing EWTN?s Family Celebration on television this afternoon, I couldn?t help wondering what would have happened if Mother Angelica had not founded EWTN. Her decision to found the network with no knowledge of television, radio or the business world is indicative of her strong faith. Why did she do it, you may ask? Because she believed it was God?s will and knew that He would help her.

My thoughts then turned to an even greater example of faith: that of Our Blessed Mother, Mary. When the angel Gabriel appeared to her and asked if she would be willing to become the mother of the Savior, she also said ?yes?. She did so without knowing most of the details, and the ones she did know (she would conceive by the power of the Holy Spirit, her baby would be the savior of the world) weren?t exactly comforting. Just like Mother Angelica, Mary said ?yes? because she knew that it was God?s will and He would help her.

Because of these two women saying ?yes?, we have an incredible worldwide Catholic network and the salvation of all mankind through Jesus Christ. Is there something that God is calling you to do? Are you hesitant because you don?t know all of the answers or feel that you aren?t qualified? Pray about it and see what the Lord tells you. If it is truly His will, you can rest assured that He will help you…All you need to do is trust!

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