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Learn More About The Catholic Faith ? Recommended Reading

One of the most critical steps in learning more about the Catholic religion is choosing good, solid reading material. On the Recommended Reading page of the Catholic Truth website (, we present a list of books, magazines and newspapers that accurately present the teachings of the Catholic Church. For the most part, we have selected material that is suitable for beginners. There are a few recommendations that are geared more toward the intermediate level, which will help you to advance spiritually as you learn more about the Catholic Faith. Although there are many good advanced books in print, we do not include them on our site, as that is not the focus of our apostolate.

As with our Internet recommendations, there are a few general guidelines to look for when selecting Catholic books. References to the Catechism, Papal and Vatican Council documents, writings of the Saints and Church Fathers are always a plus. Those references usually indicate support for the Magisterium(teaching office) of the Church and will ensure that you are getting authentic Catholic teaching. On the other hand, beware of any material that criticizes The Church, Papal Authority or Vatican councils. That is a sure sign that you will not be receiving the true teachings of the Church. Also, be careful to avoid reading material that emphasizes unapproved apparitions of the Blessed Mother or Jesus. Unfortunately, there are many books and publications that claim to be Catholic but are not!

Don?t hesitate to email us at if you have any questions about Catholic reading material that you discover. We will be more than happy to do the research and provide a quick response.

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