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?Father Oprah? Joins Episcopalian Church

Father Alberto Cutie (a.k.a. ?Father Opera?), the celebrity Spanish priest who was caught embracing and kissing a woman on a Miami Beach earlier this month, officially joined the Episcopalian Church earlier today. After the scandal broke, Fr. Alberto admitted to being romantically involved with this woman for the past two years.

The sad thing about this case is that, after promising to live a celibate life dedicated to serving God, Fr. Alberto has been romantically involved with this woman for two years. Who knows how much longer the charade would have continued if he wasn?t caught. This isn?t a celibacy issue, it is a faithfulness issue. It is no different than a married man remaining faithful until he meets a ?better wife?.

Now Father Alberto is an Episcopalian, a faith which differs from Catholicism on several doctrinal beliefs. He will continue as a priest, now professing to uphold a different set of moral beliefs. He is also expected to announce he will marry his girlfriend and stated that ?I hope to continue priestly ministry and service in my new spiritual home.?

It?s amazing that once he meets a woman, the teachings of the Episcopal faith all of a sudden make sense to him. Catholicism is no longer the one, true, Apostolic Church founded by Jesus. Now the Episcopalian church is his ?new spiritual home?.

This is not about celibacy?it is about a broken promise?it is about choosing pleasure in this life at the expense of the promise that was made ? a promise to help others reach the next life.

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